Xiaomi planning to enter desktop PC market
Xiaomi planning to enter desktop PC market Image Credits: Beebom

Xiaomi planning to enter desktop PC market
Chinese gadget maker, Xiaomi is planning towards entering into desktop PC market, do checkout:

Xiaomi planning to enter desktop PC market
Xiaomi planning to enter desktop PC market
Image Credits: Beebom

Starting with the smartphone lineup, now the Chinese gadget maker has made a bigger footprint when it comes to selling new gadgets and after launching many smartphones, the company has been a massive improvement in its sales, and thereafter, it has launched many gadgets under its lineup too.

Popularly based gadgets include smart gadgets, smart TVs, and more. However, with all these gadgets, now the company is planning to make its arrival to the PC market lineup where it’s been said that soon we will get to see the new Xiaomi PC soon making its way to launch.

If you are a person who loves technology, especially you love computers and peripherals then you can have a look at this update, as here we have got you covered with everything you should be knowing:

Xiaomi PC – A new PC to arrive soon 

Along with making smartphones and AIoT goods, Xiaomi has ambitions to work in a variety of other industries. Their smartphone firm has benefited greatly from the market.

The business also intends to develop its first computer-based intelligence-driven car in order to get into the electric vehicle industry. The company is now getting ready to join the market for work area PCs. A number of the business’s exceptionally beautiful Windows desktops were recently launched.

It was rumored that the two distinct styles would be unveiled during the Xiaomi event on December 1. Due to Jiang Zemin’s passing as the former general secretary of the Chinese Socialist Coalition, the ceremony has been postponed.

It appears that two PC designs have already been presented in order to quickly choose candidates. We’re sure a new date will be set, though. Why not begin with the most recent? A small form factor (SFF) device that has been exhibited in a basic form looks to be the Xiaomi Host Scaled down PC. In other words, the 100W XM22AL5X power supply is the sole one that has been put in the picture’s framework.

The additional equipment that will be included in the container hasn’t been disclosed because it is doubtful that Xiaomi would offer the bundle as a completely unlocked pack.

Expected specification Xiaomi PC 

We should now go on to the next framework, about which we are much better knowledgeable. It is a small PC, around the size of an Intel NUC or Macintosh Mini. Talking about the specification side, the Xiaomi PC is said to be powered with the latest 45W MD Ryzen 7 6800H CPU onboard, here this faster chipset has been coupled with a high GPU from AMD itself called the Radeon 680M RDNA2 GPU.

Here the PC will be coming with a faster RAM of up to 16GB in capacity and also, this PC will be coming with a faster storage of up to 512GB SSD.

Expected Pricing for Xiaomi PC 

If you are thinking about the pricing side, this Xiaomi PC is said to be priced ar around CNY 39999 which translated to dollars will be around $570.