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XQC permanently banned from NoPixel GTA RP server

XQC Permanently Banned From NoPixel GTA RP Server


XQC’s NoPixel forum account has been tagged with the “Banned” tag, meaning that XQC has been permanently suspended until further notice. A day after his latest outburst to police on the GTA RP on the NoPixel server, his account was tagged “permanently blocked,” meaning he will no longer have access to the site.

Unlike previous instances, the ban is meant to be permanent, meaning Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel won’t have a chance to appeal if something goes against him in the future. The streamer also revealed that this is his fourth suspension and spoke of players being suspended for their previous arrest.

PermaBanned from Nopixel Felix “XQC” Lengyel has received four temporary bans, the largest on Nopixel’s RP GTA server, due to his attitude towards the game.

Nopixel's RP GTA server

Because of his actions, Felix has received countless bans since returning a few days ago.

After a routine cycle where he was invited to the exclusive Nopixel RP server and received more than 100,000 views on Twitch, the block seems to finally be over as reported on various discs XQC’s Twitch account has been permanently blocked by Nopixel’s Grand Theft Auto 5 RP server. In a live stream broadcast on Twitch, the Canadian streamer admitted that he deserves the ban and did not deserve to be back on the GTA Online RP server due to the leniency granted to him by the Nop Pixel admins. Instead of attacking other players streaming on his blocked server, God decided to give him one last chance.

Although he did not say anything about NOPIXEL Server, he updated his Twitter account and shared a screenshot of a message purportedly


The main explanation for the ban is probably that XQC killed the streamer Penta arbitrarily. According to a source, the ban was pushed forward by someone who had previously killed Penta. Before the ban, there was a situation in which one of the server policemen playing against the streamer tried to stop an XQC player at the roadside and was gunned down by his vehicle.

One of the most notorious players of Nopixel 3.0s, XQC, has been banned from the server for some time, and now the ban seems permanent. On May 23, 2021, the Canadian streamer was permanently banned from the Nopixels GTA role-playing game server. Another piece of evidence is a forum post from an administrator stating that the streamer is no longer a resident of the site.

This is not the first time that the streamer has been blocked for violating the established rules. The drama began when other streamers decided to act as policemen on the server. After several pardons, the administrators imposed a permanent ban on XQC.

The Canadian streamer is notorious for causing many problems and spicing up the Nopixel GTA RP server. He said rules on the server were broken, but some players escaped the suspension.



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