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Yellow Class raises $1.3 Million in Pre-Series A funding round led by India Quotient

Yellow Class

Source: Entrepreneur

Yellow Class is an education technology start-up, a new fun way for kids to learn various skills. The platform provides various classes for kids to learn activities like dancing, creative writing, drawing, personality development and so on. These classes cater to kids between 3 to 12 years of age and can be considered as “Netflix” for kids.

The online platform of creative classes for young kids has recently announced to raise funds worth USD 1.3 million which loosely translates to INR 9.6 crore in its latest Pre-Series A funding round.

The financing round was led by one of India’s leading Venture Capital firms, India Quotient.

We all know and understand the havoc that COVID-19 has created in the economies of the world, especially India with its ever-increasing population. Drowning businesses, drained economy, loss of employment and much more with the precautionary nation-wide lockdown, save your life or save your business, the options were limited.


Everyone talks about businesses and economies and how the pandemic has negatively affected them, but the most concerning thing that happened was, compromise of education for children and young adults. All educational institutions were mandatorily closed and children were only dependent on self-education. Forget about studies, what about socialising? How will children learn if they can’t step out?

These issues led to the inception of Yellow Class in the middle of COVID-19 followed nation-wide lockdown which continued for months. The company aims to offer hobby classes for children in the bracket of 3 to 12 years so that they can learn painting, dancing, story-telling, cooking (flameless) and much more so that they continue to grow and face minimum compromises on their learning and education.

The edtech start-up is said to utilize these freshly acquired funds in launching more classes and developing new products in the coming future.

“We are happy to be recognized and associated with India Quotient and would like to utilize the funds received towards expanding our offerings and product development,” mentioned Co-founder Anshul Gupta in a statement.

The idea behind Yellow Class is well perceived by many investors in the market. Looking at the company’s growth potential and recognition of current market demand, the edtech start-up has successfully raised funds from India Quotient among other well-known start-ups such as OYO and Snapdeal.

PTI reports suggest that several Angel investors including Alok Mittal from Indify, Vivekananda Hallekere from Bounce, Alwin Tse– Xiaomi, Harpreet Singh Grover– FirstCheque, Pallav Pandey– Knowlarity and Dhruv Agarwal– PropTiger.

Furthermore, the company is the brainchild of Gurugram-based Anshul Gupta and Arpit Mittal with presence in over 52 countries, According to sources, the majority audience enjoying the platform’s services is from India and parts of Middle-East.





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