“You have been hijacked”, most people aren’t fat because they are lazy!

Are you overweight and have been wondering what’s wrong with your body? It is quite plausible that you have been doing enough exercise and even have a moderately active lifestyle. Still, it could be hard to lose weight. The answer to all these questions lies in a simple theory of carbohydrates. Rav Malik posted a video on Tiktok explaining the science behind our diet and how food choices dictate whether people become fat and not because they are lazy.

most people aren't fat because they are lazy

He says, “Every single carb in your body turns to sugar. Some carbs like white and brown bread do it quickly, while other carbs like beans and broccoli do it slowly.”

Rav then promises if someone is struggling with belly fat cravings, low energy, maybe a fatty liver, pre-diabetes, or type 2 diabetes, this video will change their life.

He then explains, “Whenever we eat a carb, that carb turns to sugar in our body, and some foods do it quickly while some foods do it slowly.” And the key is how to look at how quickly the food we consume becomes sugar in our bodies.

Rav uses sugar cubes to explain how much sugar foods like bread are released in our bodies compared to oatmeal or broccoli.

He says, “The quicker the blood rushes in your body, that’s a problem.”

most people aren't fat because they are lazy

Here you can see that the glucose in the body has spiked from the normal level, the line.

So, Rav says if you start your morning with foods like bread or cornflakes, the blood sugar rushes in your body and at the same time, glucose spikes. Compared to if you had eggs and avocado and beans and vegetables, it would not happen like this.

He then continues, “The higher the spike, the different the information that goes to your hormones. For example, you ever master a hormone here called Insulin? We all need Insulin to live, but when your glucose skyrockets, your Insulin shoots up to control your glucose levels.”

It’s a cycle that’s very difficult to break. Once the Insulin goes up, your blood sugar goes back to normal. So, where did all that sugar go by used up as energy and if you’re active? When you exercise, you’ll use more. But where does it go if you’re not active, like most people? It goes into the liver and fills up the liver. Then it goes into your muscles and fills up the muscles, and the rest of it goes into your fat cells.

So all the sugar you enter gets converted, and your blood sugar returns to normal.

However, your Insulin stays high because that takes a few hours to come down. And when your Insulin is high, your body cannot burn fat for fuel.

Rav then asks, “So what happens? You get hungry, and you eat again…………. The glucose goes back up, but now your muscles are full, and your liver is full. So guess where it goes into your fat cells.” 

This cycle continues as the glucose level decreases, and you feel hungry again and continue eating.

So, Rav finally states that if someone says you’re fat because of being undisciplined, it is a complete lie.

The solution is to eat as much fibre as possible, which keeps glucose and insulin levels in check. This allows you not to store too much fat.

Watch the video here:


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