You may not be able to match this: Anand Mahindra to Elon Musk

Anand Mahindra is very famous for his smart tweets and comments. His witty comments on a trending topic like technology have never failed to grab attention. And now he has done it yet again by saying to Elon Musk that it will be difficult for Tesla to manage a more efficient vehicle than the one in the photo. And tweeted a video of a cool bullock cart.

The viral Anand Mahindra tweet

You can see a very cool bullock cart with probably the back part of an Ambassador car in the tweet. And after the tweet of Anandra Mahindra, it became viral very soon. People had joined into the fun of the tweet, and there are already over 25k likes and 4.3k retweets. His witty comment on the low-emission level vehicle taking methane into account was the main eye-turner.

Some other witty tweets by Anand

Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra once tweeted that he will select the dress code by crowdsourcing. That means he will decide what to wear on the basis of the votes he gets on Twitter. And once, he retweeted to a Twitterati saying that there should not be plastic bottles in the board room. Anand said that he was also disappointed to see them that day.

And to the “communication lost” tweet of ET, he said that the communication isn’t lost. And all the Indians are able to hear the clear heartbeat of the Chandrayaan 2. He also bashed Apple indirectly for the lighting ports that they still use on their phones and earphones. And since he has to get a type c charger for his new iPad, he has to carry more junk around.

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