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YouTube goes down and the Memes go up on Twitter

Thanks to the raging pandemic, the world has closed down, and it is only natural that people turn to entertainment platforms and social media. However, what to do when these platforms close down two. Talk about, a double stroke of wonderful fortune.


Lately, the popular streaming platform, Youtube went down and users are taking to Twitter to express their disappointment. After all, these days, anything goes up, down, or sideways, Twitter becomes the catharsis point. A chain of memes and reactions have sprung up, with netizens polishing their humor and sarcasm to precise sharpness so that they do not miss a nerve to strike. And one more name has been added to the trending list of Twitter, with reactions, responses, and likes piling up.

Here is a compilation of the best memes and reactions that have been trending on Twitter

Whatever goes down, Wi-Fi always becomes the scapegoat. Apparently old habits die hard.

Not all connections work out well, and there is only one thing you can do about it-open Twitter and litter it with bitter memes.

Talk about epic letdowns.

The new equation is, eat. sleep. stream. repeat. And it is not easy to continue the routine when the chain is broken.

Even the Chinese rocket coming down would not have brought forth such frenzy! Talk about priorities.

Apparently, there is a very thin line from YouTube to You too Brute. If you know, you know.

Looks like things are literally going downhill these days.

And then there is the relief at the workings of a collective conscious.

Talk about ‘adding’ to the frustration.

You cannot blame people for double-checking. Who knows if there is a loophole hidden somewhere. Even answer papers would not have witnessed such thorough scrutiny.

Talk about timing.

Looks like ads are immune to everything.

Time to take a walk down the lane of reflection and retrospection.

Something fishy there?

Whoever thought that YouTube going down meant a reflection of the life choices and decisions. Well, it was an apple that got Newton thinking and he discovered gravity. And who knows, we might actually discover that there is a life outside the phone. It is a win-win after all.




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