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YouTube paid more than $30 billion to creators in the last 3 years

One-stop Destination

Youtube has since ages been a one-stop OTT platform for every kind of content. Be it a music video, a movie, or any content related to academics. Youtube still stands out on the market, being the only alpha online streaming platform for every possible kind of content. While youtube is being streamed worldwide, the platform has always attracted a huge crowd of content creators from all over the world. 

Letter from Susan Wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube, had recently posted a letter in which she had addressed all the content creators about how the platform has grown over the years. She wrote about different policies and their effects, like how youtube has a policy of paying its creators when they cross the bare minimums of the policy and protocols in their youtube channels.

Youtube paid creators

Youtube CEO, Susan Wojcicki

Hence, over the span of three years, youtube has now paid more than $30 billion to its content creators and artists who have their channels on the platform.

“Through difficult circumstances, YouTube has helped bring people together, even as we’ve stayed apart.”
Susan Wojcicki wrote in her letter.

Youtube’s official Twitter handle had also posted regarding the same –

The Battle against Misinformation

The Youtube CEO also addressed the community guidelines that YouTube strictly apprises the content creators to follow. She also addressed how the community guidelines issued by YouTube are necessary to prevent widespread misinformation and false news. 

YouTube has seen a gradual elevation in its stats concerning the number of channels in its platform due to the ongoing pandemic. And in light of recent events around the world, misinformation has been an apex trend. Be it about Corona being transmitted by animals or how the vaccination for covid has been narrated in some holy books. The trending misinformation and fake news was a second pandemic amidst corona.

However, the Polish- American CEO, Susan Wojcicki, also discussed that the community guidelines would vary depending on the situation. However, her recent discussion point has been article 230 that allows the content creators on digital platforms to create content without any censorship. Moreover, Susan Wojcicki also said that the article implementation is still being debated upon. Still, YouTube will have strict community guidelines not to hurt viewers’ sentiments and give their content creators the satisfaction of posting unbiased content on the platform at the same time. 

Her message is well received among Youtubers and followers –

The fact that today, being a “Youtuber” is also considered a full-fledged profession tells you the impact this Google-owned online video-sharing platform has around the world.

Hence with the opportunities that the Video content creation app provides through the network, Youtube has also paid its creators, artists, and others. This has created a huge amount of employment and generated a good amount of operators within a relatively short time span due to the rising demands for content for various reasons, including entertainment and academia.



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