YouTube Premium Lite

YouTube testing an affordable add-free ‘premium lite’ subscription plan 

YouTube Premium Lite

YouTube as we already know is a social media platform used to share and stream video content online. Users can view, share or upload videos online, and not just that, videos can be rated using likes and dislikes, and if a user likes a YouTuber, he/she can even subscribe to his/her YouTube channel or comment on videos. YouTube is a simple, secure, and easy way of interacting with large audiences across the globe- nothing that we don’t already know. Besides, Google’s video streaming service has over a billion monthly users making it the most visited website on a global level.

According to reports, in an attempt to encourage premium sign-ups, YouTube has launched a new trial version of its subscription plan at a relatively lower price across various parts of Europe, aiming to boost an affordable version of the existing plan. This new update will only cater to the audiences wanting to have an ad-free viewing experience without needing any additional features offered in the regular subscription plan.

Earlier, YouTube used to offer a ton of features in its premium subscription plan including offline downloads, ad-free viewing, background play which was a must-have, considering it allows users to play music and use other apps simultaneously. Along with this, its audio-only mode allows users to listen to music without having to load the video.

However, besides offering add-free videos, YouTube premium Lite also offers YouTube kids which can be easily used across multiple devices including desktops, televisions, smartphones, and tablets, making it an effortless viewing experience for the users.

In addition to this, a Premium Lite subscription will cost around $8.32 per month. In comparison, the existing plan of YouTube premium is offered to its users at $14.24 which seems to be a significant difference. The latest version of YouTube’s latest subscription plan is presently being tested across Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium, & Denmark.

Furthermore, YouTube Premium Lite will be made available across all YouTube including the website, Android app, iOS app, and smart TV app.

In conclusion, I for one loathes the number of ads on a YouTube video, but I am also not really intrigued by premium features as well. So, for me, Premium Lite seems like an appealing proposal/ conceptNevertheless, it is to be kept in mind that the Premium Lite subscription plan will offer almost a quarter of the features as the regular premium subscription plan while costing around 60 percent of its price.

Anyhow, YouTube has reported that the new subscription plan is only in its trial phase and that it will eventually consider introducing more plans looking at the feedback they receive from its users.