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Intel planning to introduce 100+ Evo certified Laptops before end of 2021
By the end of 2021, Intel expects to have more than 100 Evo certified laptops

Intel planning to introduce 100+ Evo certified Laptops before end of 2021

Intel planning to introduce 100+ Evo certified Laptops before end of 2021
Image Credits: Intel

Choosing the best laptop is a time-consuming process. Externally, and even on the specs sheet, most laptops seem the same, yet they lack key features that detract from the overall user experience. Look for the Evo badge if you want a superior user experience with long battery life.

Intel Evo certification is a result of Project Athena, in which a brand utilizes specific characteristics to guarantee that the laptop performs optimally in all scenarios. Akshay Kamath, Intel’s Director of Client Sales, gave some insight into how Evo-certified products are created.

Akshay Kamath - Intel's Director of Client Sales

Akshay Kamath – Intel’s Director of Client Sales
Image Credits: Gizbot

According to Akshay, the epidemic has resulted in an increase in PC demand over the previous year. According to IDC, 3.1 million laptops were shipped in the first quarter of 2021, representing a 73 percent increase year over year. In 2018, Intel announced Project Athena, an industry-wide initiative to develop beyond the CPU. A laptop with the Evo logo, according to Akshay, is a guarantee from Intel to clients that it will satisfy their demands in terms of performance, responsiveness, and battery life.

According to Akshay, the firm evaluates a laptop for a variety of factors before certifying it as Evo certified. Evo-certified laptops are always thin and light, and the business has created bespoke processes that are tested in real-world scenarios.

Using innovative testing techniques, these processes will test for factors such as consistent performance and battery life. The Evo badge will only be awarded to laptops that fulfill the key experience indicators (KEI).

Intel Evo Laptops Must Meet Minimum KEI Requirements

  • On battery, it’s always responsive.
  • In less than a second, you’ll be awakened from your slumber.
  • With an FHD display, you may expect to get nine hours or more of real-world battery life.
  • Should be able to handle rapid charging (four or more hours of battery life with 30 minutes of charging).

Akshay went on to say that many computers will come with one or more of these KEI. However, the Evo certification will only be given to laptops that contain all of these KEI. A laptop must also feature an 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake CPU (Core i5 or Core i7) with Iris Xe graphics, Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

Additional features such as premium high-quality audio, a high-quality web camera, and a 1080p display should be included. An Intel Evo-certified laptop, regardless of the manufacturer, will have all of these characteristics.

OEMs must pay for Evo certification, however, Akshay verified that OEMs are not required to pay for Evo certification. If the laptops fulfill the real-world performance benchmarks and standards, Intel partners with the OEMs to build up laboratories and execute these testing.

Akshay further revealed that Intel has validated more than 85 Windows OS-based laptops from OEMs such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung as Evo certified. He affirmed that by the end of 2021, 15 OEMs would have produced over 100 Evo-certified laptops.

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