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How Zeroinfy Is Helping Students Enhance Their Skills With Quality Resources !


Zeroinfy curates, creates and aggregates educational content from varied fields. It is a platform where users can also create courses on any topic.

“Never let your schooling interfere with your education”

– Mark Twain

Today nearly 41% of the Indian population is below the age of 20 and this young student population is well known worldwide for its intellect. Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and other visionaries have set the bar high for Indian students. However a large potential of our country remains untapped due to lack of availability of quality resources from where students can learn. This is the problem that Aditya, Abhishek and Rohit wanted to solve when they created Zeroinfy.

Chartered Accountants With The Solution !

Three Chartered Accountants with a National Rank have come up with a Portal www.zeroinfy.in to help users enhance skills in any field of knowledge for a successful career ahead by bridging the existing gap between those passionate to learn and to teach. For Aditya and Abhishek , this is their second venture in the ed-tech space whereas Rohit has previously worked with Flipkart and E&Y.

[from left to right]Rohit , Abhishek and Aditya are cofounders of Zeroinfy !

[from left to right]Rohit , Abhishek and Aditya are cofounders of Zeroinfy !

Aditya Bajaj is a St.Xaviers Kolkata alumni. He completed his Chartered accountancy in 2015. He started his first venture camistri in 2013 while he was still studying for his finals with two of his friends. He believes that with a huge young population that has an appetite for learning and succeeding in their careers, e- learning will be the next big thing in India.

“We started camistri while we were still pursuing CA as means to share our experience with our peers and to promote the concept of group study for mutual benefit of participants. However while interacting with students using our site, we understood that traditional classroom programs was a burden to many due to huge time involved in daily traveling and the timings were not suitable for everyone. Once we were done with our C.A, we started working on this idea which while providing all the benefits of being in a brick and mortar classroom did not pose the above problems. We talked to a lot of stakeholders- students, parents and teachers. We were pleasantly surprised with the response as all of them replied in the affirmative about our idea of going online. As we moved and did more of our research, we found that this gap exists not only in C.A but across all verticals.” recalls Aditya.

Abhishek Bajaj is a St.Xaviers Kolkata alumni. He completed his Chartered Accountancy in 2015. He brushed up his auditing skills while working at Deloitte as an Articled Assistant. He was one of the co-founders in camistri as well.

Rohit Bajaj is a St. Xaviers Kolkata Alumni.  He completed his Chartered Accountancy in 2015. He brushed up his auditing skills by working in E&Y as an Articled Assistant. He was also one of the co-founders in camistri. After completing his C.A, he went to Bangalore and joined Flipkart. The startup bug hit him there and he decided to join Zeroinfy as the third co-founder.

Zeroinfy is currently a team of 8 (including founders) and the tech team is based out of Noida.

“It is not the number of instructors but the quality of instructors that matters.”

There are players in the market like superprofs.com who are working in a similar space. But zeroinfy have formed associations with some top instructors in the market and believe that this is their core strength that will help them grow. They believe that moving ahead, it is the quality of content and the innovation in content which will make all the difference.

The current problems existing in the market can be pointed out as the following.

  • Lack of Quality Instructors: In the current brick and mortar scenario, the quality of content that students consume is restricted by their location. In this scenario, many have to compromise in quality of the content consumed. The only way to solve this problem is by leveraging the power of technology. Zeroinfy gets top quality teachers on board from around the country and streams their videos. If users have net issues, Zeroinfy delivers the videos to users in pen drives.
  • Exorbitant Pricing: Zeroinfy charges 60% of what is charged in the brick and mortar classes. The company has managed to keep their cost of operations extremely low and therefore can still charge students less amount of money and still remain profitable.
  • Flexibility: It is extremely difficult to manage your college, office and then the rigid tuition timings. What Zeroinfy has seen is that students end up missing of their classes. Even when they attend them, they are not at their best. This is where the company comes in by providing complete flexibility of time and place. Students can view the lectures at anytime ensuring that they don’t miss their classes and they are at their very best while attending those classes.

“We are trying to develop an educational ecosystem in our site where the students will get end to end solution to their problems. They would be getting video lectures , notes , chat opportunities and test series , all at one place..Along with that the focus has also been on interactivity where the students can talk among themselves, upload their private notes , post their questions on an open forum or can even have a one to one session with the teacher in order to clear their doubts” adds Rohit.

Right now the site has a lot of content for CA, CS, CFA, UPSC, IITJEE,Class 9-12 which is acquired via tie-up with teachers who have a base of at least 1000 students and minimum experience of 5 years. Plus a lot of free content is also available on the site which would help students for their exams preparation.

Zeroinfy has recently launched a mentor module program where all the students who have purchased the course will get a mentor of the similar field who will assist/guide them in their studies..Right now they have just completed the pilot phase of assigning mentors to first 100 students and found an overwhelming response from students end.

Strategic Focus

Zeroinfy currently has 10,000 users registered on their platform out of which around 2% are paid users. Zeroinfy has over 4000 users active on the site and the number is growing rapidly each day. As of now they company is not spending heavily on marketing, but are using Facebook as an important tool to reach out to students. Instead of using paid promotions, they believe in quality and are providing students with relevant content which is giving them tremendous results in terms of conversions. They focus a lot on word of mouth and believe it is the main reason behind getting so many registrations in such a short span of time with such limited spends on marketing. They have used their connections in colleges to hold seminars in them and make students aware of their concept, which has given tremendous results. They have also tied up with hostels where students stay and have a decent amount of traffic from the hostels.

“The most important thing for us is the quality of content that we deliver to the students. We put in a lot of resources in moderating the content that come to us. We do a lot of ground research before approaching an instructor to join our platform. It takes more time than usual but we believe that if we can set up a strong base which has quality at the center of it, we will be able to scale up rapidly.” quotes Abhishek.

The venture is bootstrapped presently but are in talks with potential investors who see their idea as a step in the right direction.




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