Zignaly Secures Strategic Alliance with Sheesha Finance to Boost Its Launchpad

Zignaly, a social crypto investment platform, announced a strategic partnership with Sheesha Finance, a multi-chain platform offering access to a decentralized finance (DeFi) and crypto-oriented mutual fund-like portfolio aimed at retail investors. The alliance will see Zignaly’s recently launched launchpad, ZigPad, sourcing the best new DeFi projects vetted by Sheesha.

Zignaly is a crypto investment platform whose main product is Profit Sharing, an application that enables users to follow experienced traders with a proven track record and implement their strategies on autopilot directly on the platform. The approach is similar to the copy trading concept popularized by eToro and Robinhood for stock and forex trading, although Zignaly helps users imitate the pro traders’ strategies in real-time on crypto futures exchanges.

What Is ZigPad?

In mid-January, Zignaly further expanded its fast-growing ecosystem by launching ZigPad, a launchpad platform that connects investors with high-potential new crypto projects seeking to raise funds. ZigPad implements a standard approach used by other well-established launchpads – it lets. the new projects manage to raise funds to jump-start their operations while early investors get the opportunity to access new tokens at an early stage, with the potential to grow in value after being listed on exchanges.  

Zignaly wanted to build upon the massive demand for interesting crypto projects and let its 350,000 user base benefit from a new passive income stream via ZigPad, which can be accessed through ZIG – the native token that powers the Zignaly ecosystem.  

How Will ZigPad Benefit from the Partnership with Sheesha?

Launching a DeFi project through a launchpad should secure a safe environment for both founders and early investors. Top launchpads implement a strict vetting process to filter new players so that only authentic projects with great potential get access to a loyal community of crypto investors ready to contribute to deserving teams.

Sheesha manages a diverse portfolio with exposure to multiple DeFi projects. Some of these projects are only starting their journey, and they can access the Zignaly community through the ZigPad platform. In other words, ZigPad will work to launch DeFi projects vetted by Sheesha.  

Sheesha Finance is a Dubai-based ambitious DeFi multi-chain platform offering a level playing field for retail investors to access a diversified portfolio of crypto projects. It was founded and is supported by reputable investment leaders in the blockchain space.

Retail investors can access the portfolio through SHEESHA, the native token residing on Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon. Users who stake the token can obtain a proportional share of the fund’s returns, with rewards being distributed daily.

Sheesha Finance is powered by high-profile venture capital (VC) investors, including Alphabit, A195, New Tribe Capital, Jun Capital, Sanctum Ventures, Phoneix Global.

How Does Sheesha Filter New Projects?

While Sheesha’s fund is exposed to some well-established crypto projects to ensure strong fundamentals, many projects are at an early stage, and Sheesha may also help them with its incubator services. Zignaly will rely on Sheesha’s rigorous vetting mechanism to source projects for its launchpad platform.

Sheesha is reviewing projects, some of which may be referred by its industry partners, through multiple steps. Initially, an investment team, which includes VC partners, analyzes the project team’s potential and other factors. There is a “consensus mechanism” that makes sure all research analysts support a project moving onto the next phase. Sheesha performs due diligence background checks to monitor team members’ reputation, identity, and whether they have not been associated with any bad actors or malicious projects.

Next, the investment team transmits the shortlisted projects to the research team, which analyzes their go-to-market strategy, competitors, pros and cons, long-term viability, and how they compare with existing projects in the portfolio.

Finally, the founders have several meeting rounds with Sheesha’s top management, after which the best projects are selected as partners.