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ZINGR or Public app? Which local app is the best to find new friends in India?


There are many great social networks to connect people, but if you would like to reach local people around you ZINGR and Public app are great alternatives to social apps like Facebook or Instagram. Both social apps ZINGR and Public help people to communicate with nearby people, so during the quarantine, local apps are going viral and growing not only in India but also worldwide.

Discover local news, videos or find local friends  

During the lockdown people are looking for some ways how to communicate or to make new friends, so local apps are one of the safest ways nowadays. As most of the bars, clubs, places of entertainment were closed in most countries, people spend more time on the internet. Most of us spend our time browsing Facebook, watching Netflix, or Youtube videos. During the quarantine, people are more interested in what happens now in their city, so it’s not surprising that Public and ZINGR apps are growing. Those apps use GPS to connect nearby people, they are both location-based social networks. ZINGR app is more like Twitter – Instagram hybrid to connect local people with similar interest for entertainment, Public app is more like Twitter or Parler for local news or videos. Both these apps were built to connect people.

Which is the best app to find local friends in India?

No doubt that most of us will answer that Facebook is maybe one of the best apps to find friends, some of them will say that dating apps are also one of the options to make new friends online.

 It doesn`t matter if we are looking for virtual new friends online or meeting people in public, we are looking for the same like-minded people. ZINGR is a location-based social network to connect people with similar interests. It uses #hashtags to discover things you like around you, so this app can help you to find new friends in your area. If you would like to make new friends who love for ex.; sport, you should use some popular hashtags like #basketball #football #gym and similar popular tags to connect these people with similar interests. It is much easier to meet people who love the same things as you and living nearby. ZINGR is a worldwide app that wasn’t built in India. This local social network was released by Kęstutis Gedaitis in Lithuania, a small country in Europe, but this network is worldwide and growing in India. 



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