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Food Startup Petoo Raises $500,000 Funds from HNIs, Existing investors

Image- iamwire

Image- iamwire


03 August 2016, India :

Food Startup Petoo has raised $500,000 from its existing investors and high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) through online deal-making platform LetsVenture. The startup will use the capital to fund its ongoing food research initiatives and to roll out its new products across the country.

Kumar Setu, Co-founder of Petoo said, “Food gets spoiled because of the bacterial growth inside and the standard process to avoid this is to use refrigeration like cold vans. We did not want to take the route because the supply chain is in a bad condition in India and the cost of maintaining such a system is very high. Therefore, we were working on some innovative solutions to figure out how we can avoid bacterial growth inside food. After a year of research, we have identified a cooking method that kills bacteria inside food and prevents any further bacteria from entering into the package. The method thus makes the food completely sanitised and will help food remain stable for months,” Setu said.

Petoo has been conducting research to figure out ways to keep food fresh for longer times, up to months, without the need of preservatives or refrigeration. The company claims that it has developed innovated solutions for 30 odd food products to keep them fresh for longer period.

Currently delivering in 11 locations in Bangalore, Petoo plans to enter the wider market through various retail and B2B channels. The ready to heat and eat food products include breakfast items that can remain fresh for a month while lunch, dinner, meals and curries can stay fresh for three months and deserts about six months. Source- techcircle




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