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15 Awesome domain names up for grabs on KillerLaunch right now

Many businesses have adopted premium domain names with the introduction of the world wide web in the virtual reality with billions of users.

While buying a domain name, a user is often perplexed on the whole another level. Questions like how to buy a domain name, where to buy domain names from, etc. often arise.

Domain names form a very crucial part of any business looking for longevity and scalability in its industry. The essential elements of a good name are its readability, memorability, and shortness included with a .com extension.

Various domain names like FirstCry, DesignModo, SheIn, Practo, and PepperFry are proven domain successes that have transformed into multi-million dollar businesses today.

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15 Awesome Domain Names To Grab Right Now!

KillerLaunch is currently providing an impressive set of premium domain names that its users can grab exclusively on the platform. Here’s a list of the top 15 awesome premium domain names available on KillerLaunch:

1. CricApp.com

CricApp.com can serve as an excellent domain name for a cricket news website, live cricket streaming app, an online betting site, or a fantasy sports platform, especially in the cricket capital of the world. Available at $14,995, CricApp can give a friendly competition to other cricket apps like CricBuzz.

2. SEMBot.com (like semrush, ahref)

SEMBot.com can serve as a great SEMRush and Ahrefs alternative domain name. Available at $12,000, SEMBot.com comes with a logo design and design concepts. Additionally, it holds an excellent domain age.

3. Interviewd.com

Interviewd.com is an excellent domain name for job portals, internship & online training programs, a recruitment agency, or a successful blog. Available at $7,995, the perfect abstract of the word ‘interviewed’ comes with a logo design and design concepts for its users.

4. Trabol.com

If you plan on starting a travel startup, it is time to grab trabol.com domain name for your startup before anyone else does. ‘Trabol’ is also used in South India as a synonym for ‘travel’. Trabol.com, available at $5,999, comes at a domain rank of 70 with 1.15 million backlinks and a 95% follow up rate.

5. Breoo.com

Breoo.com would be a great domain name for a brewery brand, an ecommerce site, a food-related startup, a marketing agency, and a multimedia brand. This domain has several layers to it and can hence be a premium domain for different industries. Breoo.com is available at $5,995.

6. ThemeFresh.com

ThemeFresh.com can serve as a great domain name for a WordPress ecommerce store, a testing store, web design agency, wedding planner, media company, or a website development company. Available at $5,995, the domain name comes along with a designed logo and an option to design concepts.

7. Blockchain4me.com

The domain name Blockchain4me.com can serve as an excellent domain for crypto news aggregator, Tron news, or Bitcoin news. Additionally, as a platform, available for $5,895, it can serve as a perfect cryptocurrency or blockchain platform by providing apt blog articles and solutions to basic user questions like what is blockchain and what is cryptocurrency.

8. BrandFlips.com (like flippa)

The BrandFlips.com domain name available at $5,450 can serve as a great domain name for online businesses marketplace, funding organization, auction site, betting platform, or internet service provider. It could serve exceptionally as the Flipkart of brands.

9. Tripze.com

Tripze.com can serve as a great domain name who plans on starting a travel booking app, travel agency, flight booking service, or a holiday package provider. The domain name available at $4,295 comes along with a pre-designed logo and design concepts.

10. Learnrr.com

If you want to start an educational startup or business, providing personalized learning services via app or coaching classes online, Learnrr.com can be the perfect catchy and memorable domain name for your firm. Available at $4,295, the premium domain name comes with a logo design and design concepts for its buyer.

11. StartupThing.com

The domain name StartupThing.com is a perfect domain name, especially for enterprises starting up a business about startups. Other than that, branding ideas for the domain name, available at $3,495, can be as a startup community, a startup incubator, a financial tool, technology solution, a marketing blog, a venture capitalist, a consulting firm, or a crowdfunding portal.

12. FundShips.com

FundShips.com is a terrific domain name for startup funding portals, venture capitalists, angel investor groups, or payday loan service. Available at $3,295, FundShips comes with a fantastic pre-designed logo and design concepts.

13. Trade11.com (like Dream11.com)

If you’re looking for a domain name for trading cryptocurrency, stockbroker, sports betting site, bitcoin gambling site, file sharing site, network provider, or a payment processing platform, Trade11.com can be your perfect premium domain name. Available for sale at $2,995 can be a great Koinex alternative in India.

14. HackerDeck.com

HackerDeck.com can be an ideally branded domain name for a security brand, IT Consultant, video game developer, or crowdfunding platform. HackerDeck, available at $2,495, is a perfect domain name for finding web-savvy individuals.

15. NextGhar.com

If you’re looking to start a real estate business in India, its time to set your hands on this premium domain name, NextGhar.com, available at $2,495. ‘Ghar’ means ‘House’ in Hindi, which makes this domain name extremely relatable and brandable, especially for its India audience.

Premium domain names are investments that provide returns for your business with its exclusive domain nature, bringing dense website traffic of potential consumers. So look no more, and grab your unique domain name today at KillerLaunch.



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