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2 Reasons Why You Should Start an Anonymous Blog

There are many things that bloggers can’t post content on their official WordPress websites. The reason might be because the topics are not a good fit for their audience.

If you have come across a complicated topic that you’re very passionate about, then it might be useful to publish it anonymously. You can become an anonymous blogger by posting on other sites, or creating a new website. The former is most favorable, as it gets your content through quickly, and you can publish the same blog on your site later.

If you are not unsure about it, here are two reasons why you should start posting anonymously.

Keeps Your Online and Offline Lives Separate

Blogging anonymously can help you put up a barrier between your professional and personal lives. It enables you to avoid any consequences seeping into your life and causing a problem.

You can easily blog as a John Doe and speak on matters you’re passionate about without having to worry about the effects it might have on your family, day job, or anything else.

Helps Avoid Shame

If you want to write about an experience in your life that might be sensitive, then you should consider posting anonymously. These topics could include anything that seems important to cover, but at the same time, you are not sure how it might reflect on your character.

For instance, you can talk details about the causes of the recent bankruptcy you had to file.



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