koenigsegg entry level model

Koenigsegg Is Planning ‘Affordable’ Entry Level Hybrid Supercar

koenigsegg entry level model

In the era when every month we see a new hypercar company being born, and going out of the business at a similar rate, Koenigsegg has proven itself a long-term player and made its own mark in the industry. However, it has only been serving to the super riches of the world, until now.

According to TopGear, Koenigsegg is planning on expanding its portfolio and may introduce an all-new model that will be the entry-level car for the brand. This new model will not be any variant of the Regera or the successor of Agra RS. This way, the company is looking to take their yearly car sales number from 20 to hundreds, cites the publication.

“We’ve been looking to expand our offering because basically, our brand has outgrown our production volumes by quite a big margin,” Christian von Koenigsegg, Founder and CEO of the company told TopGear.com. “We have several years of delivery time on the super-exclusive hypercars we’re building today. But we do think if we make a super-exclusive, custom built supercar at a slightly lower price (that’s the €1m mark) we could get the volumes into the hundreds.”

Yes, the affordable for Koenigsegg means about $1.14 million. The model is also likely to have some kind of a hybrid powertrain. “I think having a smaller battery pack and combining it with a CO2 neutral combustion engine is a very enticing, exciting, lightweight, sporty solution for a sports car,” Koenigsegg added.

Source: TopGear