Amazon’s Alexa Can Adjust Room Temperature With Nest Thermostat


28 March 2016 : People who have a Nest thermostat at home or at the office, There’s a good news for you! Now You can be in control of the temperature of your rooms using Amazon’s Alexa voice command system. This can be done by linking your smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control to your own Amazon account through the accompanying Alexa mobile app.

If it’s too hot in the room for your comfort, you can simply ask Alexa to lower it a bit. The system responds to the voice command by sending it to the Nest thermostat, which immediately adjusts the temperature.

The same process takes place when you need the room to be warmer on cold days. Thankfully, Alexa has been programmed to recognize and respond to a wide range of voice commands, from more general tasks to the more specific.

Homeowners who have more than one Nest thermostat installed in their home needn’t worry – they can still make use of the new voice control system. If you want the temperature to be reduced or increased in a given room, you just need to tell Alexa which particular room you’re talking about.



“Alexa, set the temperature to 73 Fahrenheit in the living room.” That’s all you need to say to set the desired temperature; soon, the commands will get even easier, according to Amazon.

Like any other voice recognition system, sometimes Alexa doesn’t understand your requests, and then it will have to double-check for clarification.

Amazon mentioned that Alexa cannot take control of the HVAC if the Nest thermostat is set to the mode “Away” or “Auto-Away.” In the same way, your voice commands won’t be registered if the Nest thermostat is in “Emergency Heat” or during an “Emergency Shutoff.”

But the Alexa system will soon understand even more voice commands, as developers behind the project are working on creating voice-controlled macros that would expand its vocabulary range.

For example, when you’ll tell Alexa you’re going for a walk, the system will automatically decrease the temperature in your home. Or she will increase the thermostat temperature in a specific room as a reaction to you saying that you feel cold.