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3 Do’s & Don’ts for Effective Blogger Outreach in 2020

Over the past few years, Blogger outreach or Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective marketing strategies a brand can dabble in.  The influencers have the same impact on a person’s decisions as a family member would. Customers tend to give importance to a person who has a strong follower base to boast off. However, for maximum success, there are certain do’s and don’ts of blogger outreach and here we discuss a few of them.


Follow your brand philosophy

Whoever you consider for your blogger outreach the blog you submit remains the most important element of that relationship. Maintain a tone that is in line with what your brand has been associated with for long. Especially your brand values should not appear to be conflicting with what the influencer is trying to say through his blog. Blogger outreach services help you decide what kind of content is in line with your brand imagery. SEOOutreachers helps you overcome all these fears and experiment with the best content ideas so that a proper balance can be achieved.

Building a relationship

Having a long-term relationship is beneficial for both parties. Try to understand the philosophy of the other person on a personal level. If you manage to find a blogger which has the same ideologies as you try to retain your relationship with him. Instead of looking for new bloggers every now and then cherish the older ones.

Measure your efforts 

You may have done your best in preparing a great influencer campaign but all that is a waste if you are not measuring its impact. Use Google Analytics and other tools to find out if it is having the same results as what you want. You may also track the implemented links in each blog and see how many customers are using it to come to your website. 


Forget old connections 

Blogger outreach can be a rather time consuming and expensive work. Instead of continuing to finding new ways to do so maintain a cordial relationship with all your old contacts as well. You never know when any of them may help you in getting back to your customers in a different manner. Since they have already dealt with you further collaborations continue to be a breeze.

Get blinded by social media followers 

Though a number of followers on social media are a great way to find the efficacy of an influencer it is not the last authority. Do not try and contact every blogger with a huge social media following as not all of them would be genuine. Check each blog’s DA to see whether it is just hype or actually the content can get you the results. A blind association with a blogger that is not very successful could be detrimental to all your future plans that you may have made. 

Have too many rules 

The start of a fruitful relationship happens only when the process is as smooth as possible. Do not burden the blogger with your in-line rules and strategies as he may get confused. That would also force him to not consider you for further associations. Instead of forcing him to work as per you find out midways which work for both you and the blogger in question.


Having a successful blogger outreach campaign may not be as easy a task as it seems to many. If thinking about it is giving you nightmares contact SEOOutreachers for assistance. They know the basics of blogger outreach and can handle all the tasks that are involved as a part of the same. Reach out to them if you are looking at using an impactful blogger outreach campaign to make a foray into the customer’s mindscape. 



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