Now 3D Printing Robot Will Create Mammoth Structures In Space


8 March, 2016, USA: Since the time humans ventured into the space, they have been constantly inventing technology which can scale up their research work in the orbit. Right from discovering the Solar System to putting their first step on Moon, human race has been exploring the world of galaxy to the fullest. But it is not a cosy ride for astronauts who travel to reveal unfold secretes. These spacemen faced lot of difficulties when they enter in space and most of the time they have to rely on next launch from Earth for their needs.

Made In Space Company has stepped up to the challenge and created its first zero-gravity 3D printer. Now, astronauts just need to take electronic delivery of a computer file and then they can make their own tools such as 3D printed ratched etc. right in space itself.

The company plans to send up a full-time, working successor to their prototype this year, but their small-scale printer is a stepping-stone to something bigger Archinaut, the company’s new project to build large-scale structures in space, revealed singularityhub.

Recently, Archinaut has been awarded by NASA’s Tipping Point Technologies Solicitation in November. Archinaut is a private-public partnership funded by a two-year US $20 million contract from NASA.


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