4 Incredible Benefits Of Old Car Removal

Whether it’s to sell your old car, or sell your old vehicle, or sell your old car quickly, you’ll be surprised to know that doing so will result in incredible benefits that will positively and directly affect you, your family, and the world around you. 

Thinking of having your old car removed? Below are its amazing benefits.

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Scrap Car Removal Benefits 

1. Extra Cash 

We don’t want to make it sound like scrap car removal is all about the cash. Though, to be fair, and to speak in a practical sense, this is one of the main benefits you’ll receive in-hand (very literally, at that), immediately. 

It may not seem like it but old cars hold value. If their chassis is no longer repairable or alterable, they can be stripped and sold as scrap metal material. Beyond this, its parts are what most buyers are after, and are willing to pay what they can for them.

2. Used Part For Other Car Owners 

Purchasing used parts is definitely a bargain and selling them to other car owners won’t only put money in your pocket. You will be helping them out as well. Batteries, oil filters, water pumps, auto glass, tyres, engine oil and transmission, starters, alternators, mats and carpets (if they’re still in good shape), etc. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. 

A used car still has a bunch of usable parts that other car owners can take advantage of. 

Alternatively, if your buyer wants to make some repairs to the used vehicle and utilise it as is, they have the option to contact the original manufacturer and/or automobile company to aid with the removal (if it’s considered “reusable”). 

3. Earth-Friendly 

Old cars are detrimental to the environment, especially if you’ve no longer been on the lookout for their upkeep (possibly because you’re already keen on simply buying a new one to replace it). 

Toxic battery acids release chemicals into the atmosphere. At the same time, unmaintained old cars become more fuel-consuming than average, and this results in more greenhouse gas emissions. 

By having your old care removed, there are two positive impacts which the sale can make to Mother Nature. First, the buyer has the option to repair and upgrade parts that are malfunctioning, so that their carbon footprint becomes less dangerous to the environment. Second, if the vehicle is in a state beyond mere “fixings”, it can be chopped up and sold as spare parts. This will, then, eliminate any potential it has of further harming the atmosphere. 

4. Increase Property Value 

In case you’re not only looking into selling your old car but also your property (in the future), an old car removal is definitely the right way to go. Removing your automobile from your property is an indirect method of increasing your property’s value. 

How? By eliminating an eyesore from your estate. Even if your used vehicle was a classic or was manufactured from a luxury line, dated cars are nothing short of… dated. A rusty ol’ shadow of their former glory. 

Don’t worry. As you discard it, you actually gain more. And that’s whether the said estate has a building on it or not. If you’re selling a plot of land, or land plus one to a few immovable structures and/or buildings, the effect of having your car removed from it remains unchanged. The better the aesthetic and view, the higher the price of your property.