RealTime TikTok Report

4 TikTok Counter Tools That Reports in RealTime

RealTime TikTok Report

TikTok Counters are real-time tools that display the performance of TikTok users. Among the main statistics displayed are the current number of followers, as well as the total number of likes, following, and videos.

When these tools first appeared, they didn’t offer many advantages. However, most of them now have additional features. You can compare the performance of different profiles, determine the frequency of posting, and, in some cases, view informative graphs.

#1 – Countik

Counttik Homepage

  • Compatibility : Work in both mobile and web browsers
  • Price: free

Countik has a simple, user-friendly design. The most notable feature, however, is the variety of tools available on this website, including a follower counter, video views analytics, and the ability to compare two TikTokers.

To use the followers counter tool, simply enter your username, click the search button, and your profile followers will be updated every 10 seconds. You can scroll down to see a live graph of your followers.

Enter your video URL in this format for the video analytics tool: “” or “”

Finally, there is a comparison tool that can be used with only two TikTok users to compare their followers and likes and get a general idea of who is more famous.

#2 – TokStatic

TokTastic is one of the best TikTok Counter options for Android users. In addition to being quite comprehensive, you can check the number of followers, likes, videos posted, and profiles liked by the user on TikTok. It also displays the most popular profiles on the social network, allowing you to set up goal alerts to be notified when a specific profile reaches a certain number of followers.

After downloading it from the Play Store, you can use this TikTok Counter. After you launch the app, navigate to the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the home page. Enter the profile name of the user you want to learn more about and select the appropriate account. It is worth noting that this feature is not available to iOS users.

To favorite that user, simply click on the bookmark icon on the right side, in the upper right corner. To add the aforementioned alert, return to the home page, click the “Bell” symbol next to the account, enter the number you want to be notified when the account reaches that value, and then click “Set Alert.”

#3 –

Counts Live is similar to the others mentioned above. You can use this tool to see how many followers a user has in real time, how many likes the profile has, how many accounts the user follows, and how many videos the user has posted up to a certain date.

Counts Live, on the other hand, has a unique feature that not all TikTok Counters have. You can use the “Compare” function. It allows you to compare data from two different TikTok accounts, as the name implies. Furthermore, it allows you to access data from other social networks, such as Instagram and YouTube.

To use the tool, go to the website and, in the search bar that appears, type the username or paste the URL of the TikTok profile for which you want to check the information, then tap “Search.” After that, you must click on the desired user to open a new page with the account details. If you want to compare two profiles, simply click “Compare,” select the user for whom you want the information, and then click “Compare” again.

#4 – Live Counts

Live Counts covers almost all social networks, but to check the number of TikTok followers, you must visit the website. Unlike TikTok Counter, the total number of followers is counted every 10 seconds, which improves the accuracy of the results. You can also see how many likes an account has, how many people follow the profile, and how many videos tiktoker has posted on their account. With this difference, Live Counts becomes an excellent TikTok Counter option.

Live Counts also distinguishes itself by providing a real-time graph with user data. As a result, it is possible to track the rise and fall of a specific searched user.

To use the tool, go to the website, enter the user’s name, and then click the green “Search” button in the search bar that appears.

Who Needs Tiktok Counter?

TikTok counters tools are available to everyone on android, IOS, PC … , but not everyone has to use one. If you do not post regularly or have a small number of followers, TikTok’s analytics will enough to keep track of your data. The app can still be used if you’re curious about how much engagement your favorite creators are getting.

This tool may also be useful for marketers who want to place a product on a TikTok video because it shows how many people they can reach.

Creators can use the data to expand their portfolios and make them more appealing to potential customers. When there is an expectation of a partnership or a sponsorship deal, the goal is to always provide concurrent information and analytics.

TikTok Counters are useful for users, particularly those who are fans of social media influencers, as well as content providers, to fulfill their curiosity. If you want to keep up with the TikTok ladder, this might be a fun activity.

Are these apps safe for my TikTok?

In general, TikTok counters are safe to use. You don’t need to download any software because most of them are web-based. You don’t have to give them sensitive information like your password, log-in credentials, or banking details aside from your TikTok username.

If any app asks you for a password, never trust it.

To Conclude 

Tik Tok is a video-sharing app that features silly, creative, and entertaining content. This app is free to use, simple to use, and available to everyone. That is why it has such a large ecosystem of developers eager to create new tools to help marketers and app users create more content and drive more sales.

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