Options for Businesses Who Need to Update Their Website

5 Options for Businesses Who Need to Update Their Website

Options for Businesses Who Need to Update Their Website

If you have been noticing that your business website isn’t performing as it should, it’s probably time for an update. From having a whole new site designed to adding or updating features on your current site, there are a number of things you can do. Here are five options you may wish to consider.

1. Develop a Whole New Site

Sometimes it’s the design itself that is the ultimate reason your website isn’t performing as it should. It may be poorly designed and too hard to navigate, or it may simply be out of style. Trends are always changing and what was trendy just a year or two ago may be totally obsolete today.

If you opt for a completely newly designed site, you should utilize the option to find a full website template through website builders Webeden.co.uk, as companies who provide this service will save you a lot of time, and money.

A full website redesign would take a very long time without a template, especially if you are hoping for it to be of high quality. This is where you need to determine whether a new website is necessary or if you can simply change a few features to make it work for you.

Bear in mind that the bottom line is the user experience, UX, and if visitors to your site need to work overly hard to locate what they are looking for, chances are you’ll lose them in those all-important first few moments.

Style and function need to be analyzed and updated often to ensure a positive UX.

2. Update and Add Content

Never underestimate the importance of content on your website. Not only will visitors expect well-written and informative content, but they will expect content which is still relevant today. This may mean removing some content that is already there and adding new content as well.

While you are analyzing the content on your site, it may be time to analyze the SEO you have employed. This is how the search engine crawlers find and rank your site on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and when it comes to organic traffic, there is no better way to rank highly.

You may not need to replace content, but updated SEO might be imperative. What are people searching for today? Fresh content and competitive SEO should be a major focus of any business website.

3. Ensure Your Design is Responsive

Then there is the fact that most visitors conduct searches from mobile devices. If you haven’t updated your web design to be responsive, you will miss out on a great deal of traffic you could have captured.
Look for help from reputable web design agencies and find someone with expertise in creating a responsive website.
Here again, it may entail building a whole new website, but the benefits are more than worth the costs associated with updating your design. If you want to capture a larger audience, mobile-friendly websites are an absolute MUST.

4. Expand to E-commerce

Until this point in time, has your website merely been informative? E-commerce has literally exploded in recent years and today’s consumer almost always expects to have the option to purchase products and services online.

Giving them the option to buy and pay online can increase your bottom line exponentially, so always make sure you have a user-friendly shopping cart and payment platform.

E-commerce offers a level of convenience most consumers have come to expect.

5. Change Hosting Plans

Any business must expect an uptime of at least 99.99%. Anything less will quickly send visitors searching elsewhere for what they are looking for which will interfere with your profitability. Even your return customers will quickly get frustrated when they can’t access your site.

When updating your website, also look at how efficient your hosting company has been. Nothing sends customers over to competitors quicker than inaccessible websites.

Knowing when to update your business website may be the hardest part of the equation. If you aren’t seeing the ROI you expect, it’s probably time for some changes. Just remember that the user experience is the key to a successful website, so any update you make should be based on that.

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