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5 Questions to Ask While Looking for Nursery Schools

A Playschool is the first platform of learning for your child. Early education makes a positive impact on both their social and academic growth at this stage of life. That is why you are determined to send your child to the best nursery school. However, easier said than done, finding a quality preschool for your child can be a pretty daunting task as a parent. It is already hard to see your little child step out of home for the first time, and if you don’t choose the right school, your child may not like going there at all. So, you must research well, think practically and then make an informed decision. 

If you are searching for nursery admission in Noida, you may consider reputable preschools such as Genesis Global School that offer an ideal environment for children to explore their newfound interests. 

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To make a decisive choice from amongst the number of options available today, you must ask the right questions while looking for a nursery school. To help you with the same, we have listed down a few such questions below that you may consider when searching for nursery admission in Noida: 

  1. What is the educational philosophy of the preschool?

It is first essential to know the school’s underlying philosophy to know how they approach learning. The school’s approach will play a role in their curriculum, which will further decide how children spend their time and what and how they are taught. Some preschools tend to focus more on academics, while others make sure that it is a blend of both co-curricular and academics. So, you must consider the approach that suits your child the best and then make the decision. 

  1. Are there any engaging physical activities for children?

Preschools often include a lot of engaging play activities in order to develop motor skills in children. It is very crucial for their age as it promotes overall health and well being. Ask about the activities that they include for ensuring your child’s proper motor skill’s development. Consistent exposure to fun activities and tasks is also needed to develop hand skills that children need in their growing age. So, you must check this criterion before applying for nursery admission in Noida. 

  1. Are healthy meals and snacks provided?

While researching for nursery admission in Noida, find out if the school provides meals and snacks, and what are the food options available. As a parent, you must ensure if the school provides nutritious and well-balanced meals or not. You must also check if there a pre-meal routine, such as washing hands before and after lunch. 

These things matter a lot when it comes to teaching children about healthy manners. A preschool must also teach kids how to maintain hygiene and follow table manners. 

  1. How do they handle discipline?

Ask how the teachers respond to the problematic behaviour of children in preschool and how they come with a resolution to address the same. Interact with teachers and learn more about their background and past experiences to be sure that your child will be in safe hands. While looking for nursery admission in Noida, learn about the disciplinary techniques of preschools to see your child develop into a well-mannered kid in the right way. 

  1. How safe is the school environment?

Safety is what parents are most concerned about when sending their child to a school for the first time. Ask about the drop-off and pick-up policy of the school, the indoor and outdoor supervision, playground safety and first aid. It will help you build a sense of trust towards the school and allow you to stay worry-free while your child puts his first step by himself. 

Do your Research

Preschool provides your child with an environment where they feel free to discover and explore the various areas of development. When looking at nursery admission in Noida, research is the key and asking questions is vital to the whole process. It enables you to learn everything about the school and make a better judgement. Preschools like Genesis Global School, aim to nurture children holistically by giving them opportunities in every field. So, narrow down your options and trust your instinct. 



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