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Buying Car Insurance: Dos and Don’ts

Before buying the first car or any new car, we spend hours searching online for the latest model with maximum features. But when it comes to purchasing car insurance, we spend the least time possible in deciding the right cover, thus undermining its importance. Some people also consider purchasing a plan that has the least premium. Although it is good to aim at lowering your car insurance premium, it should not compromise with comprehensive coverage that insurance can provide.

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A comprehensive car insurance policy provides coverage against many contingencies that can arise on the road. It also provides financial assistance during times of crisis to you and the co-passengers.  

Here are some of the benefits a comprehensive car insurance policy offers:

  • Protection against theft and vandalism
  • Protection against natural disasters
  • Coverage for damages occurred due to road accidents
  • Coverage to driver-owner and passengers
  • Protection against third-party damage
  • Coverage for accessory damage
  • Medical assistance during times of crisis
  • Roadside assistance

Since there are so many benefits comprehensive car insurance provides, you should not hurry while buying it.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts which help you get the best possible car insurance policy:


  1. Compare Quotes

The first step towards buying an insurance policy is to compare quotes from different insurance companies. While choosing the one fitting your budget, you should also look into the benefits the company offers. Compare different quotes and select a reliable company that provides enhanced coverage options at lower premiums.

  1. Read Policy Brochure

While filling the car insurance form, you should read the policy brochure to know all about its benefits. The policy brochure contains all the information about the car insurance policy you are buying. Failing to read it thoroughly may make you miss out on a lot of crucial things.

  1. Add Rider Options

Rider options like zero depreciation cover, roadside assistance, and personal accident cover, help enhance basic car insurance coverage. Each of these provisions are designed for different purposes. When you opt for them, make sure to correlate their benefits with your needs.

  1. Buy and Renew Policy Online

Many companies offer extra benefits to their customers who buy and renew car insurance policy online. Apart from that, buying it online also saves you from the hassles of paperwork while making safe transactions. 


  1. Make Hasty Decisions

Making hasty decisions while buying a car insurance policy may make you choose a wrong policy with the least coverage. Not doing the required research or buying the policy hastily on someone else’s advice can cost you a lot in future. Furthermore, you would also face problems while making policy claims.

  1. Let Someone Else Fill Your Form

While filing a car insurance form, you have to add details about yourself. Letting someone else fill your form can only create confusion, which can lead to a wide range of errors in the policy document. Ultimately, this will have its effect on the claim settlement process whenever you file a claim. In some cases, wrong information can also lead to termination of the policy. 

  1. Avoid Terms and Conditions

Term and conditions describe the entire policy procedure and benefits. It also contains information during which you can make claims for a specific amount or under which conditions you can reap various benefits. Avoiding reading terms and conditions only cause misunderstanding while filing claims. 

Keeping in mind the do’s and don’ts related to car insurance purchase is essential to make an informed decision. Alongside, you must choose a reliable insurance company like Tata AIG to get comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. The company has gained a large customer base because of its reliable customer support and policy benefits. If you feel you lack enough knowledge about car insurance, read why buying four wheeler insurance policy is a must for all car owners.



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