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5 Reasons to love Employee Time Clock Software

Employee time clock software is now being used by many businesses across the country, thus providing employers with a more efficient way to keep track of their employees and their work hours. 

Today, when you enter a workplace as an employee, the first thing you typically encounter is your business’s chosen job clock. This software is no less than an asset to a company. It is not just a solution to track employee hours, but a comprehensive system that has contributed a great deal to improving business operations.

A time attendance clock offers effective employee monitoring, allowing businesses to turn their focus to more important things, such as improving profits and ensuring long-term success.

In this article, we will go over just a few of the benefits that employee time clock software can bring to the table and why you will love using such a solution.


  • Effective Payroll Management


When an employee is continually late, they are not able to perform at their best. A day that starts with a late punch in and ends with a late punch out leads to overtime not worked for and negatively impacts employee productivity. This work ethic also has adverse effects on their payroll in terms of accurate pay. 

By using employee time clock software, you can restrict when an employee can punch time. No longer can they punch in early or out late to try to get more overtime. With this system, employee hours are tracked down to the second. This accuracy is not only beneficial when it comes to tracking time, but also processing payroll. You and your employees can guarantee that every second worked is accounted for and paid out.


  • Elimination of Time Theft


Most employees resort to goofing around in the workplace when things are slow. By doing so, they are stealing time from your business. Employees also often come in late to the office using some irrelevant reason, do a little work, and then indulge in some personal tasks. 

Online employee time tracking software allows you to track the amount of time spent on a specific task or job, therefore leaving little room for time theft to occur. Employees will quickly come to learn that each minute worked is accounted for, and they no longer have the luxury of wasting time on personal matters.


  • Hassle-free Employee Scheduling

With a detailed account of attendance and work hours recorded in an employee time tracking app, scheduling becomes convenient to the core and greatly minimizes the need for micromanagement of employees.

It allows employers to develop schedules for their employees that not only meet the needs of the business but also allow for a healthy work-life balance. Some solutions even offer the ability to enter employee availability, so schedules can be crafted to meet the preferences of both parties. 


  • Efficient Overtime Tracking


Overtime is often looked at as a reward. And why not? Employees who work diligently beyond 40 hours in a workweek to deliver the best of their abilities deserve an incentive. Unfortunately, many workers take advantage of overtime. They pay their hours to ensure they reach overtime, and in turn, more pay. This can quickly damage employee morale and eat into your labor budget. 

With employee time clock software, you can limit the time an employee can access the system, ensuring they don’t incur overtime unless allowed. Accurate overtime tracking is also beneficial in the event of an audit. Labor law compliance is crucial, so if your company gets audited, you must ensure that you’re tracking hours worked with 100% accuracy and that you can provide documentation that can back up your claims.


  • Decreased Costs and More Return on Investment


Companies that are unable to time track their employees hours sufficiently may have issues staying within their allotted budgets. If you’re continually incorrectly tracking employee work hours, this will quickly eat into your labor budget. That money needs to come from somewhere, so you pull money in from a different budget, and all of a sudden, you have to shift your entire business budget. This can lead to quite the headache!

With employee timesheet software, you can ensure that you’re staying within your labor budget by tracking work hours down to the second. No more having to allocate emergency funds for unanticipated work hours. 

Employee time clock software is the future of employee hours tracking  – the future of business transformation and is helping companies progress by leaps and bounds. Invest in work tracking software today! Your employees and shareholders will thank you.



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