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Himanshi Khurana asks to be Local for Vocal, talks about Indian recruitment platform KillerLaunch.com

Takeaway: Himanshi Khurana, the popular Punjabi actress, expressed her support towards PM Modi’s #VocalForLocal movement while talking about 100% Indian recruitment platform- KillerLaunch. 

Famous Punjabi star and actress Himanshi Khurana recently shared her support for PM Modi’s #VocalForLocal movement and talked about 100% Indian recruitment platform KillerLaunch.com.



Himanshi, an ex Bigg Boss 13 participant, expressed that as Indians, we should be supporting Indian companies and, therefore, use KillerLaunch, to find the best jobs and internships in the country.



KillerLaunch is a 100% Indian company that provides its users, be it students, graduates, or working professionals, with excellent job and internship opportunities from different fields like media, sales, marketing, etc. 


KillerLaunch has been exclusively curated to cater to all the employment needs of its users. Students can find excellent Work From Home internship opportunities from various fields and companies and give their career a killer launch. In contrast, graduates and professionals can discover full-time as well as part-time Work From Home jobs on the platform as well.  


The actress mentioned how more than 12 crore people in India had lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the condition seems to be getting worse day by day. 


The Indian employment search platform is also providing typing and data entry jobs for individuals to earn extra income during this crisis. 


KillerLaunch has been working to provide the best Work From Home jobs and internship opportunities to its users, so that everyone can fulfill their career dreams, without letting the pandemic hinder their way to the top. 

#VocalForLocal with KillerLaunch


Recently, the Indian government banned over 59 Chinese apps as a clap back for the unethical Galwan Valley Clash, which costed the lives of 20 soldiers. PM Modi requested Indians to go #VocalForLocal and support local and Indian businesses over internationally funded organizations that scoop away the revenues to their nations.


KillerLaunch, a staunch supporter of PM Modi’s #VocalForLocal, aims at providing Indian companies a platform to recruit talent to their teams through their free job postings, making the triangle of supply and demand within the recruitment sector complete with 100% Indian services. 


‘Let’s become Vocal For Local,’ Himanshi says

Himanshi Khurana has always shown her support for Indian brand and products in her own unique way, and now, while talking about KillerLaunch, she mentions that we, as Indians, should use an Indian job portal to fulfill our recruitment needs.  

With KillerLaunch, Indian companies can hire Indian graduates and students at an Indian platform, enabling them to build their dream team while supporting the nation’s economic growth. The platform is building startup stories and job stories for all, companies and job seekers.



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