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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Outsourced IT Support

Technology improves how businesses of all sizes function, from data entry and in-office communication to faster operational systems and greater employee productivity. However, it also brings its own unique set of problems for small businesses and large corporations alike: cyberattacks, data theft, and hardware malfunctions.

Given that these issues can happen to any company, at any time, businesses in all industries are encouraged to employ IT support specialists to solve these problems quickly and efficiently.

While an in-house IT team may seem like a good idea at first, many companies – especially SMEs – don’t wish to have their own in-house support team, as they’re often very expensive to maintain long term. In fact, IT support is currently one of the most outsourced positions today.

If you’re looking for an external IT support company to help keep your business technologically sound, take care to employ an IT consultancy that thoroughly understands digital regulations within your business’ city or location. For instance, if you’re conducting business in London, then you should choose a company offering IT support in London that understands London’s specific digital compliance regulations (such as GDPR) and overall tech landscape.

Need more convincing?

Let’s look at five reasons why you should enlist the services of an IT support company for your business.

Increase your revenue and save money

Maintaining an in-house IT support team can be very expensive, as employees must be regularly trained, and funds must be spent testing technologies you may or may not use. With an independent team, you simply choose the level of support needed for your business and they’ll often test the technologies for you, thereby removing these unnecessary costs.

If an issue arises in your IT infrastructure – and it certainly will – you can experience serious downtime that may negatively impact your revenue if not handled well. But with a range of technical experts on standby ready to help when needed, broken peripherals can be quickly repaired, software troubleshot, and business processes optimized, thus sustaining productivity and maintaining (or even increasing) your income.

Ongoing support and regular upgrades

When hired, IT support companies often conduct an audit to understand your company’s IT systems and ascertain the level of protection against viruses, malware and hackers your business needs.

After their audit, they’ll provide an IT roadmap for you, help you adopt any new technologies where necessary, and provide system upgrades as your company grows to ensure it remains competitive in your field.

Additionally, routine upgrades and check-ups are carried out regularly to help keep your company’s computers, servers, or other electronics always running their best.

Improved security

Hackers often focus on small and medium-sized companies because they’re known to be lacking in comprehensive security measures.

As a matter of fact, more than 60% of companies go out of business within 6 months of being victimized by cybercrime. However, most CEOs’ from the affected companies admit they had an inactive cybersecurity plan or — in some cases — no plan at all.

You certainly don’t want your company to be the next cybercrime target, hence the need for competent and proven independent firms to handle your IT support for you.

Here are some ways an outsourced IT company can help improve your security:

  • Install Software Updates: The IT company will ensure that your business systems and apps have the most recent updates for them to function well and avoid vulnerabilities that often result from using an outdated system.
  • Monitor Data Security: The IT experts use state-of-the-art tools and strategies, along with the right people, to monitor business data security. So, you have peace of mind that your sensitive information will be safeguarded at all times.
  • Ensure A Smooth Transition: Your business might be expanding, and along with this growth, your company might be a hot target for cybercriminals. Ensure a smooth and secure transition when you’re switching to cloud technology and other innovative and advanced platform by hiring IT experts. 

Focus on growing your business

Do you want to focus more on your business? If yes, then you need to entrust your IT needs to a reputable IT company. You can obtain the necessary business IT support you need for you and your employees to become more productive and attain your goals.

Focus on growing your business

Constant IT problems can cause staff productivity to nosedive or even put your company at a standstill, especially if it depends on functioning computer systems.

Issues like server problems, data backup failure, and network glitches can cause employees significant stress and create customer service delivery delays. When these issues happen regularly, your employees won’t be operating at their best and your customers may look elsewhere. However, these issues can easily be rectified if you employ an IT team of experts to review and monitor your IT systems regularly to ensure it always runs efficiently.

Your IT support service provider should steer your company towards efficient and trendy technologies that will advance your business goals and, more importantly, monitor and manage those technologies as your business expands.

With all your IT hassles taken care of by experts, you can concentrate on core strategies to grow your business.

Safe storage of your data

In our digital age, data storage is very important regardless of your business type. Not only is it the key to sustenance and growth, but it’s also important to building a quality relationship with your customers. Having a reliable backup plan and disaster recovery system is paramount to maintaining that relationship and trust.

If your data is ever lost for any reason, by utilising a business continuity plan (BCP) and/or disaster recovery plan (DCP), you can minimize downtime and maintain the technological integrity of your business. This is only possible when you have a rock-solid recovery system put in place by a team of IT support experts.

Find the right IT support team for you

In today’s world, technology is fast becoming the dominant foundation of business operations everywhere. As such, investing in IT support needs to be a priority for all business owners.

Every business’ technology needs are different. With a professional IT service, you’ll receive customized service tailored to your business that will maximize your efficiency, keep your business competitive, and save you money over time.



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