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6 Brilliant Ways to Motivate Your Employees

In any business, there will be days when employees may feel discouraged. Employee motivation usually defines an intrinsic enthusiasm of workers regarding what gives them the willpower to accomplish projects. According to recent Gallup data, only 30% of all United States employees are engaged in their offices. Unfortunately for companies, the disengagement cost is high, and it’s estimated that around $1.1 trillion are wasted every year because of lost productivity.

Most employees get encouraged about things in their lives, so your goal as an employer is to help them get job factors, encouraging them to work even harder. Among the effective ways you can use to motivate workers are included below:

  • Show Gratitude

There are times when motivation requires more than just telling workers congratulations. Apart from valuing your workers’ contributions to the business, you can show gratitude by appreciating them differently.

You may ask your workers about their daily activities beyond their workplace, send gifts using envelopes or packaging online supplies, and bring a bag of donuts or bagels for them to share.

  • Respect Them

Sadly, most corporate motivation movements are insulting and juvenile. Team-building practices are usually a waste of time, and motivational pictures have never encouraged anyone. 

However, treating your workers like brilliant adults may help. You can achieve this by acting as if they are trustworthy, competent, and sensible.

  • Support a Friendly Competition

Competitive environments are a powerful motivator for employees. You should encourage your workers to take part in challenges or competitions because it’s healthy and can result in increased camaraderie. 

In addition, a friendly competition between teams will help with employee participation and engagement.

  • Listen to Ideas and Comments

Allow every employee to have their say. Whether this includes a casual conversation or official meeting, take the comments of your workers very seriously. Most employees get motivated when they feel valued, appreciated, and needed.

You can also include the input of your workers in a meeting where milestones and goals are set. Many organizations cascade direction and information from the top down. This means that when things are less hierarchical, there would be more creative solutions, ideas, and innovation because of teamwork.

  • Come up with Clear Goals

Having specific goals for employees to work towards might be a motivation factor. However, you should set goals properly so as to serve as motivators.

Goals, which will require more time to complete, should come with built-in milestones to make sure your employees have the chance to recognize their successful progress and remain motivated.

  • Create a Conducive Environment

Some workplaces, management behaviors, and company policies squelch motivation. Your actions in the office either discourage employees or motivate them.

To prevent disengagement, you should establish an environment, which is comfortable and supportive of workers choosing to be encouraged with matters associated with work.

Final Remarks!

Everyone has those days where you check off everything on your daily schedule or to-do list. Some daydreaming never hurt, and it’s normal for workers to face dips in motivation. 

Though it becomes an issue when colleagues are disengaged consistently. This is why, as a boss, you need to look for ways like showing gratitude, listening to comments, and respecting your employees so as to constantly motivate them.



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