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7 Features to look for in a Keyboard App

How many of us even realize that keyboard is one prime app on our phone when it comes to getting things done?

Well, even I’m guilty of that. The vast majority of us generally overlook the significance of the keyboard and its impact. Ever heard of the aphorism, two’s company? I am sure you did. A phone without a keyboard is equivalent to a sword without a hilt. We tend to forget that the keyboard and phone work arm in arm.

Be it, chatting with friends and family, editing documents, sending emails, searching for apps or whatsoever, without the right keyboard app our lives wouldn’t be just the usual walk in the daily park. It has a greater proficiency than nearly anything else on our phone. As Android users, we always look for something more, and that explains why there are a plethora of keyboard apps out there which offer spelling corrections, predictions, multi-language support, unique input system, more customization and fun themes.

About the other big things, people download for their phones– such as widget apps, icon pack apps, lock screen apps, and stuff like that. Generally speaking, don’t you think selecting the best third-party keyboard app is necessary? 

But we conveniently settle with the one that came preloaded. 

As an icing on the cake, Android gives you a lot more power of customization and lets you download almost every kind of third-party keyboard app. We all spend quite an amount of quality time on our phones typing and hence deserve to be rewarded with the best keyboard app available.

But of the whole lot, which is the one you should go for?

Confused, fret not! I have you covered.

As you read on…

Any clue on what factors you need to look for, while choosing your keyboard?

If you haven’t got the vaguest idea, then let me clarify.

I will list the major factors that you need to look for while picking the right keyboard app for you.

  • Native Language Support – Keyboard should assist you to type messages, update on any social networks or compose emails in your own regional language on your Android phone.
  • Auto-Correct & Prediction – Should identify misspelt words, use algorithms to identify the words most likely to have been intended, and edit the text respectively. Also, produce high robust predictions using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Functionality – Should have the best input tool to type with a lot of flexibility, straightforward approach, and user-friendly interface.
  • Swipe Gesture – A handy and brilliant feature which lets you type on your phone’s virtual keyboard by sliding your fingers across one letter to another to spell the word you want.
  • Voice Typing – Speak and let the keyboard type for you. Conversing with your telephone truly works, and works very well, given that you press the Microphone key on the keyboard and properly speak your content. 
  • Full-on Customization – They should offer more than just the usual typing experience, with support for fun stories, customizable layouts, emojis, GIFs, personalized stickers, speed typing, and whatnot. 
  • Themes – Should have a library of beautiful themes that give you a more personalized feel allowing you to set background photos of your choice.

By now, you must be excited to discover an app that has all the above-listed features incorporated in it.

Having all the basics covered, let me introduce you to one such effective regional Marathi typing keyboard app, Marathi Keyboard with Marathi Stickers that completely knocked my socks off. Though a dark horse, the good side is that it can deliver humane results. It makes connecting with loved ones more natural (with Marathi movie stickers, big emojis) and feels even more personal letting you type in your own Marathi language. The app has a never-ending library of free & funny comic stories with headshots of your own face and your friends as well. And we all know, it is much easier to build a connection when you put a face to a sticker and GIFs right. Furthermore, turning us into a prolific regional communicator.

Take it for a spin – Download from here!

And do comment below, how intriguing, and personal it made you feel.

I am fairly sure you’ll bless me for it later.

That said, I can only lead you with all the major factors. It’s you who has to choose one that suits your needs.

Happy Typing:-)




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