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Yes !!you heard it right.

It’s a Rs. 5000 crore initial public offering for the giant group’s Agri tech venture Adani Wilmar. The insights into the thing can be learnt from the article. Let’s dive in to get the details.


Adani Wilmar is a joint venture between two groups which are Adani Group and Wilmar International Limited. Both of them have brought together their expertise in their respective domains to excel the field ahead.

Adani group is a leader in infrastructure while the Wilmar’s are the Asia’s top most Agri business group.

The venture took off from year 1999. Today they are well to do group that caters to 40 units. Their capacities can be best understood through following :


  • Refining Capacity: 16800 tonnes per day
  • Seed Crushing Capacity:6000 tonnes per day
  • Packaging Capacity: 12900 tonnes per day.


It has the largest geographical range of edible oils & other products. Their product portfolio comprises of various brands like Fortune, King’s, Bullet, Raag, Avsar, Jubilee, Fryola, Alpha, Alife and Aadhar.


95 stock points

5000 distributors

10% retail penetrations

1.5 million outlets all over the country

19 countries served across the globe

30 million households prefer the brand

The brands like fortune have bagged up 80th rank in top 100 most trusted brands list. On the other hand; Adani has also been declared as a great place to work and learn.



The Adani group has hired investment managers for the process of working on the idea of inviting shares from public. The reports are clear about the fact that the company is planning big and therefore it has hired JP Morgan & Kotak Mahindra Capital to bring the things on table.



After this initial public offering; the Adani Wilmar would become the 7th company of the Adani Group to be listed publicly; a huge achievement. The company already has its subsidiaries in the field of power, transmission, total gas and clean energy.


Adani Wilmar has been a part and leader of an inspirational journey and this move to go into the market is itself an approach to keep that vision going in heads. Since a long time the company has been ruling the FMCG sector. A sector that is known for its evergreen nature; but tough and resilient competition. Adani’s are and will be a big name in it.

It’s brands like fortune are leaders in the market holding a significant share. Therefore ; its high time that the company needs to get public and test the trust bestowed up till now.The vision was to be the admired leader in the Agri-business in order to fulfill a deep commitment towards nation building. It has hallmarks from CODEX, WHO, FAO making it a trustworthy thing to rely upon.

Even after such immense reputation; IPO was not brought. But its fine; maybe the company feels that strategically it is the best time and here we are with the decision which will surely be a hit. The responses would be making history as they pertain to such big brand reputation & timeline.





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