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Adobe’s Patent To Increase Offline Shopping Conversions With Better Choices

adobe patent increase offline shopping conversions

Everyone loves buying new things but sometimes we need the second opinion before buying. There are the large variety of same things available in the market which makes picking the right one a difficult choice. In most of the cases we tech to ask for the second opinion from our family members, friends, or anyone whom we know.

Adobe has come up with a new technology to pick the right one from a list of options. Now people could take the advice from someone of his group on whether to buy the particular item or look for other items in the store.  Adobe’s patent is to ensure customer satisfaction and increase conversions for a product.

Why this technology?

There is the need for this technology which could be easily understood by the following example. Suppose you go to a local mall with your family. If you and your father go to the men’s section and your wife and mother go to jewellery section. Now, if you would like to take an opinion from your wife, you need not call and ask her to come to the men’s section; instead take advantage of the latest technology.

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How does this technology work?

The working of technology is fairly simple. There is one monitoring device that monitors your movement and activities withing the market or mall. After collecting the data it stores all the information. Now it compares the data with the past data about you.

It means that if you have visited the same place before then it compares your data with the earlier data. This process helps in categorising you as a member of a group on the basis of your activity. After determining the group it sends the notification to rest of the member of the group about your choice or the item that you placed in the sharing cart while you are present in the shopping complex or market.

The system determines a particular visitors who routinely visit the shopping complex or market belong to a group based on their activities and movements while visiting or shopping.Then it allows the visitors to provide feedback to each other. This helps in making the right choice before buying the product.

adobe patent increase offline conversions

Image Source: freshpatents.com

The visitors carry mobile devices which are connected to the network. This embodiment allows the visitors to ask and provide feedbacks to the other visitors similar to them via an interface while they are present in the shopping complex or market.

The interface could also be present on in-store interactive display screens at the shopping complex or market or via an interface of an application that could be installed on the mobile devices.

The groups could be anything a group of a family member or a couple or a group of friends. There is a device that determines whether you are part of a particular group or not based on the past data about you.

After identifying you as being the members of a group, on your next visit together to the shopping complex or market, the members are provided with an interface that allows them to ask for or provide feedback to each other while shopping in different sections.

adobe patent increase offline conversions

Image Source: freshpatents.com

What’s next?

The next challenge for Adobe will be to use this technology in the real life. There will be many challenges that they need to overcome while implementing this technology. They need to figure about an effective way to compare the data stored about the visitor with his past data. Now we have to wait and see how Adobe goes with this interesting technology.

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