Advertisements Make You A Memorable Brand !


Recently I was trying to convince a kid that there was no need to buy a new television, and the only possible argument I was able to put forward was “Dekhte hein, but what will you do with the old television?” Apparently, the kid’s spontaneity was a very memorable one and it just made me think of the impact the advertisement would’ve created on the child’s mind that the kid would’ve automatically replied “OLX pe bech de” when I used the keywords “Dekhte hein”.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””] Visual Content Marketing Statistics For Videos:

  • 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.
  • Shoppers who view video are 1.81x more likely  to purchase than non-viewers.[/box]

Creating better video content is not the work of an ad film director alone, the company has to come together with disruptive ideas that would make your advertisements a memorable one. Based on the content present in advertisements, videos can be listed.

  • The core purpose of the advertisement is to let your customers know what kind of products they can approach you for or in other words you marketing to the world that they can approach you for any of their needs in that particular domain. So when people actually are in need of a particular product of what you offer, they can automatically approach you.


Next time when I need “ting se leke tong and ding se leke dong” I know which mall/market I need to reach out so that it will be good for my pocket.

  • Every advertisement is made with the intention to make your brand visible to your customers but branding is not just about letting your customers know what you offer as a product, but what you offer as a service too matters. This enables the customers build the trust towards your brand and choose your brand everytime there is someone similar to you in the market.


Next time when someone doubts me and asks “pakka?” for my confirmation, I hope I do not reply them with easy exchange and return guarantee.

  • Things are changing too fast and you’re going to have to keep running to stay in the competition. Videos are one of the ways to launch a campaign for your company and the next time they come across the words used in your campaign, they’ll genuinely remember your brand, just like the “OLX pe bech de” moment that happened with that kid.


#ApniDukaan..?? #AurDikhao !!

  • Modeling had paved way to the movie industry and advertisements have reversed that trend. Very often, we are quite convinced to go for a product when our favorite celebrity becomes their brand ambassador and features in their advertisement.


Sometimes it is the cine idol who offer you the “dil ki deal” for the company.

  • Innovation is the key and jugaad has become synonymous to innovation. Ideas for advertisements are no exception, you always need that crazy idea to ensure that your customers remember your product. The main reason for watching an advertisement completely (at least for the first time) is to check if you’re able to meet your customers’ expectations and if you’ve repeated viewers for your advertisements then you obviously have guaranteed repeated customers.


This time, their job was well done with this jugaad ad, or is it #Antijugaad?

  • It is as they say “Music is in the air” and even if you’re not able to remember any of the above advertisements and their companies due to random reasons, you cannot deny the fact that a good song will always stay in your heart. Whenever you remember the tune or heard someone humming a similar tune, you automatically start humming the song, and the next vision that pops on top of your head is the company.


Dekhte Hain !

  • Advertising is actually a method of marketing your product, but an advertisement does not market itself. Every social media giant is battling to deliver maximum returns for your advertisements and you need effective tools for managing all your profiles. It is actually better if we creatively associate our brands with existing popular tools that are trending and it will give us better reach.


The battle is on ! Get your troops ready to grab the social throne !!

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