Agriculture is a synonym to India.

India without agriculture is not possible as well as acceptable to the people.

What is acceptable is making the doors of technology more wide open for the sector in the most efficient manner. The country has taken a lot of steps to make agriculture more technology friendly. This has happened because of companies that took it as a challenge and performed with outstanding colors.

The company CropIn is all set to expand to Amsterdam and keeps an eye on the 8 fold revenue in the coming span of 3 years. To know more, let’s get in into details.



The company is predominantly an agritech ecosystem that has a vision to deliver the much needed farming solutions to the most important sector of the economy. The offices are in Bengaluru, New Delhi and Mumbai. and it was incepted by Krishna Kumar and Kunal Prasad.

The company’s prime most objective has to bridge the gap and introduce more smarter solutions in order to benefit across different geographies. The motto is to increase efficiency, scale productivity and strengthen sustainability. Intelligence and insight has been continuously monitored to achieve those goals. The common focus parameters that are looked upon are :

  • Disruptive innovation
  • Working in acres; not hours
  • Adaptability
  • Smarter Output
  • 100% data security
  • Language proficiency

The prominent investors in the company are CDC investment works, Ankur Capital, Chiratae Ventures and Seeders. The prominent partners are:

  • Invested Development
  • Big Basket
  • World Bank
  • UK Aid

388 crops

More than 9500 vacancies

13 acres of farmland digitized

More than 98% client rate

More than 52 countries

Benefits to 4 million farmers across the globe

92% productivity mechanism


The company has officially started its first international office in Amsterdam. The plans are to set up various data science verticals in the prominent European markets. The focus will be on making a sync between various technical upgradations like machine learning, data storage, satellite monitoring, weather analysis and real time reporting.

The effort will be to catch up with other sectors too telecom, farm & plantation in order to establish a balanced growth ahead. The Smart Risk mechanism will be used to enhance the performance at wide range.

The CEO of the company said that “CropIn has seen phenomenal growth over the past three years, fuelled by a combination of new product introduction, entry into international markets and new customer segments in the agri space. This has led to a current team strength of 200 plus with a focus on strengthening capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine learning,”.  He also added that the decision is purely strategic and according to market requirements. It will help us to gain a clear cut control on the pulse.

The target is to make revenue go 8 times and the geographical span from 52 countries to 65 countries.

At the time of independence; we hardly knew that the primary sector agriculture would be modernized to such an extent; but now in 2021 things have been more dynamic and the current demands stand in favour of the same. Companies like CropIn have tried to establish that firm infrastructure and will surely gain the requisite benefits.