Airbnb plans to raise $3 billion in Initial Public Offerings

Airbnb plans to raise $3 billion in IPO and wishes to go public by November after the US elections. The company provides home rental services, vacation bookings, hotel services and more. After the fading effects of the pandemic, the company is registering a sharp spike in the usage of its services. And they are taking advantage of that to become one of the biggest stock listings in the US stock market in 2020.

Speculations and details about the IPO

Reports from experts say that Airbnb listings might be one of the biggest one in the US market in 2020.  We have already seen a lot of big listings in IPO this year. The likes of Palantir, Warner Music Group, and Snowflake INC has made their mark in the market. So, when is said that Airbnb might be even bigger then we can understand the depth of the speculation.

Airbnb plans to raise $3 billion
Image Source: Esquire Middle East

Though all details aren’t out yet because the company wants to keep it private, we know that IPO for the company has been filed. Any other detail except that the company will be made public in November is not available. The company was evaluated at $18 billion in April 2020. But now estimates say that the company could make it to a valuation of $30 billion ongoing public.

This is at a time when there is extreme volatility in the market due to elections and even Trump testing positive for COVID. But, the company is growing at such a huge pace that maybe this won’t matter at all. After the pandemic, the company achieve 1 million bookings in a night in July and since then has seen consistent improvement.

In my opinion, going public is a huge decision, but seeing the huge rebound of the company from the pandemic, it might do as good as the speculations say. But, the US election is a variable that no one knows how it might turn out to be. So, we have to wait and see how the IPO of the company goes.

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