Brian Chesky Airbnb

Airbnb steps up during a ‘significant humanitarian crisis’, gives temporary free accommodation to 20,000 Afghan refugees

Brian Chesky Airbnb
Source: Money Inc

Airbnb, the property rental company is one of the most popular names in the global hospitality sector. The company has its properties throughout the globe at exotic destinations to give people a unique and pleasing staying experience. Airbnb is making headlines today with its more than a generous gesture to offer temporary free accommodation and housing to over 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan.

Yes, you read that right! In a world where politics prevails almost every single time, Airbnb has stepped up remembering the value of human life with its charitable arm- It is well known that Afghanistan is in a state of mess and chaos under Taliban’s takeover. People of Afghanistan realize that they can have no future in a country where you step out and there are gun fires and dead bodies everywhere. As you must have seen in the news, people are fleeing from Afghanistan with the help of American and European governments.

Afghanistan is in crisis and the American government and European government are extending a helping hand, literally racing to evacuate thousands of people who are desperately trying to get out of their misery. As mentioned in a report by The New York Times, the displacement and resettlement of Afghan refugees is a ‘significant humanitarian crisis’, says Brian Chesky, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Airbnb.

He further added that this is the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time and that Airbnb feels the responsibility to step up. Chesky hopes that his decision inspires other big businesses and business leaders to follow in his footsteps and extend their helping hand to Afghan refugees, considering the terrible situation that they are in.

The report by New York Times also mentions that Airbnb started with this support program about a week ago and has also offered funding to the International Rescue Committee and other organizations to provide temporary stays using the Airbnb platform.

Anyhow, the property rental company has not specified a fixed duration for which the refugees can stay in their houses and accommodations but the intention is directed towards helping the needy in a world crisis.

The situation in Afghanistan is worsening day by day and people of the world are just waiting for a miracle. The U.S. administration called out their troops from Afghanistan at the beginning of the Taliban takeover and the world is criticizing this move taken by the Biden administration.