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Alef Mobitech Gets Funding From TATA Capital’s VC Fund


5 January, 2016, India: Continuing its interest in investing startups, Tata Capital Innovations Fund (TCIF) has invested US $5 Million in Alef Mobitech a New Jersey and Mumbai based computing firm. As per the press statement released by the company, the raised amount will be utilised in enhancing the business opportunities, developing the marketing and R&D Initiatives.

Alef Mobitech is a next generation mobile internet enhancement pioneer, with offices in Bernardsville, Mumbai and Pune. It promises to transform the way people communicate, shop, work, play, and entertain, while empowering the realization and expansion of the trillion dollar potential of the mobile Internet economy, globally.

Tata Capital Private Equity was built on the Tata group’s foundation of ‘leadership with trust’. It invests in businesses that offer the potential for significant growth and financial return, and takes joint responsibility with owner-managers to execute on the realisation of that potential.Each Tata Capital private equity fund is run by a separate dedicated and experienced professional team on behalf of its Limited Partner investors.



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