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Amazon Adds 720P Resolution Option To Streaming On Its Luna Cloud Gaming Service 

Amazon Adds 720P Resolution Option To Streaming On Its Luna Cloud Gaming Service 

Amazon has become the latest company to announce a video game streaming service, as the tech giant announced a 720p version of its Luna cloud gaming service for iOS and Android devices.

On paper, this should make your cloud gaming experience smoother, especially when other people in your home are watching Netflix or downloading large files. If you have a Wi-Fi connection and speed, it is important to note that a wired Ethernet connection to your router will always be the best option for cloud gaming. Ethernet is your good friend if you want to try it out, as is the improved latency of your games.

For cloud gaming, this is a simple feature that can be found on any modern router you can buy, but it is not the ideal way to connect. The 4G connection can be unreliable, depending on where you are, and the built-in – delayed – the connection between a 4G connection and a Wi-Fi connection is a nightmare. DSL and satellite connections can also be turned off, leaving you with no choice when it comes to speed and latency. Based on our tests with the Google Stadia Ultra and Amazon cloud gaming service, slight hiccups and delays were noticeable at Valorant.
All of this means that Amazon Luna can probably look forward to many players joining its ranks after the release. If you’re waiting for a streaming product that’s worth it, keep an eye on the Xbox.

Amazon Luna is still in early access mode, and at this stage, Amazon is taking feedback from its customers to improve the service. Both the Xbox and Amazon Luna are still in the early stages of development, with the former delivering an impressive product and the latter not yet fully launched.

We want cloud gaming to be the seamless experience that its marketing campaigns promise, but it’s important to know how to see through marketing. There are thousands of routers that promise lightning-fast speeds, and customers who have their Internet service provider on board can play at the highest speed they can without sacrificing gaming performance. However, you can increase your speed by using a router feature called QoS, so if you can choose the right hardware for you, you know that this is not a problem. However, we do not know exactly how it works, because we can only really perceive it when we see it.

Google has struggled to get a wide variety of games onto its platform and justify itself as a standalone product, while GeForce now has its own problems with developers coming on board, even though Xbox seems to have solved this problem.

Anyone with early access to Amazon Luna may have noticed a few changes to its cloud gaming service in recent months. One of the most sought-after features is the ability to play in 720p, which is the equivalent of the resolution of Amazon’s own cloud streaming service Amazon Cloud Gaming. Streaming Cloud – lower resolution games have multiple effects, making the experience better for everyone. Luna offers Twitch integration, allowing you to pause games and pick them up right where you left off on your device, as well as stream games from the cloud.

The only really accurate way to test latency is to use the cloud gaming service itself, but other ways will not be accurate enough. Internet service providers will be able to tell you the recommended latency for cloud gaming, although the answer depends on whether other people are using the same connection at home at the same time.



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