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Amazon announces indefinite “work-from-home” for corporate employees


Source: India Retailing

Amazon, the e-commerce giant and one of the largest companies in the world has recently announced an indefinite “work from home” for its corporate employees after literally a year of struggling with dates.

According to recent reports, the new Chief Executive Officer of Amazon, Andy Jassy has sent out a formal letter to Amazon employees saying that the company would no longer require corporate employees to return to the office. “Indefinite work from home” is the new office culture and it is a massive step being taken here by a productivity mammoth of a company.

The company’s return to office approach has been failing since the COVID-19 cases subsided across the United States but in wake of precautionary measures and people actually easing into this new post-pandemic world, it would be easier for employees to not have a big change of events once again and continue with this current approach, but indefinitely.

As Andy Jassy says, at a company of Amazon’s size, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all approach for how the teams work best and how the productivity is enhanced, and in my opinion, it is the wisest decision that Amazon has taken in a long long time. Kudos to the new CEO!

According to a report by Business Insider, prior to this announcement, Amazon was thinking of requiring workers to come to the office for three days per week with two days, work from home, starting January 2022, unless with special permission from managers and senior management, of course. Even before that, offices were supposed to open for all in September this year itself with full precautions and measures set in place.

However, this will no longer be a tough decision on what days to come and what days to work from home, as Amazon has left this decision up to individual teams at the company. For instance, if the team wants to have a meeting at the office, they can call up employees and ask them to do so, but for the majority of the time, it is going to be work-from-home and it is okay, at least for most people.

Jassy said that corporate employees will be allowed to work from home four days a week but he recommends for them to stay nearby to the office, somewhere where they can reach the office for a meeting with the core team within a day’s prior notice. So, work anywhere from within the country but reach office in one day’s office, pretty nice.

Well, this is the new work culture across the globe and other technology giants and corporates can also follow this approach, and I believe they will consider it. If a company as big as Amazon can take this decision, other small companies can also make it work.




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