A packed item from Amazon store
Source: The Guardian

Amazon bows to UAE pressure to restrict LGBTQ+ search results

A packed item from Amazon store
Source: The Guardian

The e-commerce giant Amazon has given in to the demand from the officials of UAE and curbed the exploration results for LGBTQ+ community linked commodities including fiction and rainbow-colored flags on its e-commerce platform in the nation.

As per the reports of  the NY Times, the multinational firm reached a conclusion to curb the searches following the warning of the ministry of United Arab Emirates to levy charges with fines against the company if it doesn’t follow the government’s orders

This report arrives on the last day of June allegedly known as the pride month for celebrating the LGBTQ+ communication annually around the globe.

Being lesbian, gay, or any other human race which belongs to LGBTQ+ is illegitimate in the United Arab Emirates. It is listed in one of the 69 states around the globe that have government rules that illegalize belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

A representative of the e-commerce giant in his statement said that as a corporation, Amazon continues to stay dedicated to divergence, equality, and admittance along with considering that the benefits and interests of every individual belonging to this community should be safeguarded.

The company has its operations spread across the globe due to which it has to abide by the rules and conditions of every state they have its stores in, the representative further added.

A Twitter user objected to the decision of Amazon and termed it a complete state of shame. He said that the company should have pulled back its operations in the country, completely.

A few do ago in June, the officials of Saudi Arabia took by force all the rainbow-colored entertainment articles for kids and the attires of the minors as they believed that rainbow-colored commodities given to children promote homosexuality in them, as reported by a country’s television broadcast. The report further said that authorities of the commerce department of the government eliminated a number of products from stores in Riyadh, which comprised toys, clothes, accessories, etc.

The country has prohibited the cinemas or Television program that portrays or even has slight indication towards these races of humankind. Back in April, that country had demanded Disney to censor “LGBTQ citations” from the movie of Marvel “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. However, Disney declined the demand of the authorities.

A newly released animation movie by Disney, Lightyear, that has a homosexual kissing scene has also been prohibited from getting released in UAE and many more countries where homosexuality is a criminal offense.