Amazon Contemplating On Entering Japanese Prescription Drug Market
Amazon Contemplating On Entering Japanese Prescription Drug Market

Amazon Could Pay UK Shoppers 900 Million Pounds Compensation

According to recent reports, Amazon violated the competition law due to which its customers had to pay a higher price which is why the customers can receive 900 million pounds compensation from the company. Read the entire article to learn more about this piece of news.

About the compensation

“Nine out of 10 shoppers in the UK have used Amazon, according to surveys, and two-thirds use it at least once a month,”  said Miss Hunter. Ms. Hunter alleges Amazon uses “tricks of design to manipulate consumer choice and direct customers towards the features offers in its buy box”.

David Greene, from the London Solicitors Litigation Association, told BBC News the likelihood of success was difficult to assess. “Clearly Amazon will fight the case at all stages, including class certification, but the tribunal has made a number of orders recently for similar actions, certifying the opt-out process,” he said.”Big tech companies are well-resourced to fight.”

Who will receive it?

Anyone who has bought anything from Amazon in the UK since 2016 is eligible to receive this compensation. Lesley Hannah, one of the partners at Hausfeld and Co LLP, who are leading the litigation, said: “Competition laws are there to protect everyone. They ensure that individuals can make genuine and informed choices and are not simply led into making selections that benefit the companies they interact with.”Fairness is at the heart of competition law – and consumers are not being treated fairly by Amazon.”Ms. Hunter added: “Amazon shouldn’t be allowed to set the rules in its favor and treat consumers unfairly. That is why I am bringing this action.”

An Amazon official said: “This claim is without merit and we’re confident that will become clear through the legal process.”Amazon has always focused on supporting the 85,000 businesses that sell their products on our UK store – and more than half of all physical product sales on our UK store are from independent selling partners.”We always work to feature offers that provide customers with low prices and fast delivery.”

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About Amazon

Amazon is one of the most successful companies in the world. It is involved in the areas of e-commerce and digital streaming among many others. The company is all about its customers and hires people who can take care of the customers and give them what they want. The company is one of the biggest employers in the world and believes in training and taking care of its employees so that they can have a brighter future.