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Amazon is expanding its Cashier-less ‘Go’ model to grocery stores

Amazon Go


Amazon, the e-commerce giant and the genius of Jeff Bezos is making some changes to the company with a vision to remain consistent with its top position in the industry while safekeeping its reputation around the world.

Now, you may or may not have heard about the popular Amazon Go stores that have lately been the talk of the town, literally. Amazon Go stores are regular stores but without a cashier, you can simply walk in and browse for the items that you want, put stuff in your cart as you like and exit the store. Yes, when visiting an Amazon Go Store, you don’t have cashiers and no cashiers mean- no waiting in line and losing your patience; simply grab what you are looking for, put it in your cart and leave- that is it. What can be more convenient than this?

Well, there might be questions popping in your head and that is normal. Instead of waiting in line, getting your products checked out and paying for what you have bought, you can just leave without doing any of this stuff when visiting an Amazon Go Store. As mentioned in a report by The Verge, all of this works out for the best because of cameras that track your every move and accurately determine what you have in your cart, at all times. The report further mentions that you can pick an item, move around with it across the store and then right before leaving, you put it back; the company will figure that out and you will not be charged for that item.

Amazon Go is a futuristic approach to grocery shopping and the company is moving the cashier-less concept to more grocery stores in the United States. Amazon Go works as a full grocery store and it is not just a whole foods store, according to The Verge, and as per Amazon, these are supposed to be two different things altogether, at least for now.

Now, does it sound creepy that cameras will be there in Amazon Go Stores watching and tracking your every movement, what you are buying, how much you are buying and where exactly are your present in the store? Well, the thought is creepy and concerning for some people but we need to understand that these will just be cameras installed around the stores which are installed for your own safety, convenience and benefit.

Fun fact, when you open Amazon.com or browse through the Amazon app for products and items, each tap is being tracked and information is being gathered about your personal preference which will later be used by the company to monetize on what you like. Now, that is creepy! What do you think?




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