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Amazon to employ 55,000 workers worldwide, a 20% increase in employees

In the next months, Amazon expects to employ 55,000 workers for business and technical jobs as it attempts to maintain its fast expansion.

Image Credits: AmazonDelivers

In an interview with Reuters, Chief Executive Andy Jassy disclosed the company’s objectives. The move represents a 20% increase in Amazon’s existing corporate and technology workforce of 275,000 employees. Amazon employs around 1 million people worldwide.

According to Jassy, Amazon aims to fulfill the growing demand for retail, the cloud, and advertising.

Engineering, research science, and robotics professions are among the positions available, according to Jassy. Amazon’s Project Kuiper, which aims to put satellites into orbit to expand broadband access, also requires temporary workers. More than 40,000 employments will be created in the United States.

New workers have plenty of opportunities, according to Jassy.

“There have been so many occupations that have been displaced or transformed as a result of the epidemic, and there are so many individuals who are considering other careers,” he added.

It’s unclear whether the employment announcement influenced Amazon stock, which closed Wednesday at $3,491.08, up 0.37 percent. Amazon’s fair valuation is $4,200, according to Morningstar analyst Dan Romanoff, who also gives it a broad moat.

“Despite almost doubling its footprint in the previous 18 months, the firm continues to build capacity at a rapid rate to fulfill consumer demand for one-day delivery,” he said in a commentary last month.

“We see no cracks in the long-term story, as Amazon is well-positioned to profit over the next decade from the secular trend toward e-commerce and the public cloud.”

During the epidemic, when other firms lay off workers, Amazon’s staff grew as more people stayed at home and ordered toilet paper and groceries from the online retailer. It employed 500,000 workers last year alone.

Amazon presently employs over 1.3 million people globally, making it the second-largest private employer in the United States, after retail competitor Walmart, which is also recruiting. The business said on Wednesday that it will recruit 20,000 staff to complete online purchases and operate lifts at its Walmart and Sam’s Club facilities.

Amazon, like Walmart before it, is under fire for how it treats its employees. Although a union drive at an Amazon facility in Alabama failed earlier this year, other unions and campaigners are still targeting the corporation. The Teamsters, one of the country’s largest unions, said in June that it will increase its attempts to unionize Amazon employees, claiming that the corporation abuses workers by paying poor salaries, forcing them to work at high speeds, and providing little job security.

Amazon said on Wednesday that the huge number of job vacancies is due to the company’s expanding operations, which include its cloud computing division and a plan to launch satellites into space to beam internet access to Earth. The vacant jobs in the United States are split among 220 Amazon facilities around the country, according to the Seattle-based firm.



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