Amazon was down for 12 hours and Twitter is already filled with hilarious memes

Downdetector, trackers of outages by collecting status reports submitted by their users, reported that Amazon was down for about 12 hours on Wednesday. Over 12,000 users in the US reported issues accessing the amazon application. It is uncommon to see big e-commerce applications like this going down for unusually heavy traffic.

Several people uploaded screenshots of their Amazon app on Twitter, showing that their items are waiting in their carts. Users claimed the message was displayed on their application for a long time. People added that it could be a server issue on the side. 

Also, multiple tweets suggested that the problem was not only faced by US users but also by many other countries. It’s because a similar message was displayed to users in the United Kingdom, Canada and other places. 

People’s reaction on Twitter

Around half an hour after the incident, people started talking about it and posting memes on Twitter. A guy with the username @nivacane tweeted:

This was clearly out of frustration as a big platform like Amazon was down for over 12 hours. Also, the photo attached to the tweet showed that the repairer could not determine the issue and how to fix it. 

Also, a person replied to the tweet saying, I think the same dude has been working for Verizon this past few days”. This comment indicated a wireless carrier company, Verizon, which was also recently down for some hours. Some users also pointed out that eBay went down at a similar time.

Multiple funny tweets were also done during this time. Like a user said:

Over this, a guy replied, I’m not very rich, but can I be your stevia daddy? However, someone had a funnier comeback, Stevia is more expensive than sugar”. 

Looking over other tweets by people, it was clearly understood that whoever faced the problem accessing the eCommerce platform first moved to Twitter to check whether the app was really down. Regarding this thing, a person even posted a meme: 

You can also check this out if you search #amazondown on Twitter. You will be able to find that many people were first in doubt that there was any problem with their account or that amazon was down.

Amazon is back

Amazon was again accessible for users after over 12 hours. It is a very long duration for any company to go down due to unusually heavy traffic. Many people considered it the consequence of their massive staff layoff. One guy even tweeted:

Someone replied to this tweet, It’s called karma, and it’s pronounced Ha!

However, when Betsy Harden, spokesperson of Amazon, was asked about it, he said they are trying to resolve the issue and were very sorry for the problem. Betsy also added that they appreciate our patience while working on the issue.

What are your thoughts on Amazon going down for over 12 hours in the US? Do you think it’s acceptable for big companies like Amazon to go down for such a long time? Let us know in the comments below. And, if you found our content informative, share it with your family and friends. 

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