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Amazon’s iPhone sales in one day were more than last year’s complete festive sale

Amazon announced its great Indian festive sale from 17th October with some crazy deals. The most eye-catching and probably the best deal in most people eyes was the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR price cuts. Even though after Amazon announced the price cut and marketed their sale entirely on the iPhone11, Apple too reduced the official price of the device to R 54,999. Still, Amazon’s iPhone sales went crazy high to the point that it set a new record.

Amazon sets a new record

If you follow e-commerce sales, you might be knowing that Amazon discounted iPhone 11’s prices to Rs 47,999. Selling just a generation old iOS device when the new lineups just arrived, obviously made consumers go crazy. Amazon’s iPhone sales in one day due to this offer was more than the entire sales of last year’s festive sale combined.

Amazon's iphone sales went crazy high

Image Source: HT Tech

Amazon also recorded great sale of products from other brands too like Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung and others. Even consumer products from Apple, Samsung, OnePlus sold in huge quantities. Today is the last day of the sale, so if you haven’t checked out their iPhone 11 deal or other offers yet, you have a last chance.

Other brands that sold well

Amazon reported that among the popular searches smartphones, headphones, laptops, cameras, tablets, and smartwatches were the most. With the new rule for drones making it legal in the country drones were also quite popular during the sale. Talking about laptops, the brands that sell really well were Asus, Lenovo and HP. And those who did not want to go for a laptop but a tablet chose Samsung and Apple mostly.

Amazon's iphone sales were high but echo devices sold well too

Image Source: Gadget Boulevard

TP-Link and Netgear also registered a good sale in terms of networking products. Since the sale is from Amazon, the most significant discounts are always in their products like the Echo and Kindle. Reports say that the price cuts were so significant that Kindle services sold over 2.5 times as compared to last year’s sale. Amazon Echo 3rd generation is still a great smart-speaker and was in the top 10 selling products during the sale.

Amazon’s great discounts and quick out of going stocks led buyers to buy the prime membership to get early access. They reported an 85% increase in registrations for the same. Well, have you bagged any crazy deal in the Amazon great Indian festive sale? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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