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AmbyGear – The Smartwatch That Makes Kids Smarter and Keeps Them Safe

Who wouldn’t want their kid to get healthier and smarter, set goals and targets, and grow up into productive and successful individuals? Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t find your child, while weekend shopping at the mall? An end to all these woes is here. AmbyGear is a revolutionary parenting assistant that empowers you to groom your kids in the best way possible, while providing safety and peace of mind.

AmbyGear_1AmbyGear is the first smart-watch, which helps parents manage their kid’s daily activities.

With AmbyGear, parents can create games and challenges around their kids’ activities and automatically reward them for their accomplishments. Parents can also keep a eye on their kids at all times and ensure safety through round the clock connectivity.

The Internet of Kids

AmbyGear is among the ushers of Internet of Kids. The Internet of Kids is a new fun and rewarding use of wearable tech for kids. Making kids healthier & smarter, with safety and family connectivity, anytime & anywhere.

AmbyGear believes in the smart use of technology to bring out the best in kids, connect families and provide parents peace of mind.

AmbyGear uses a unique reward system that helps kids be more physically active, better organized and ultimately learn skills that promote a successful life. AmbyGear enables parents to be better connected and share moments with their kids even when they are half way around the world. AmbyGear brings peace of mind to families on vacation or during an afternoon at the mall.

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In the US parents spend $463 per kid in afterschool activities (on average) to give their kids an advantage in life. There are 50 million kids in the US, making this a $ 23 Billion market. Furthermore, the wearable market will be over $50 Billion by 2020, as predicted by the Bank of America.


AmbyGear uses the combination of sensors, predictive analytics and behavioral science to teach kids time management, independence and organizational skills through games. AmbyGear prepares the next generation to be smarter and healthier.

Parents can create challenges and tasks for their kids, reward their kids for accomplishments, and locate and communicate with their kids anytime & anywhere. Kids can communicate with family, check the weather and other kids news, organize their time and go on treasure hunts.

The Industry and Competition

There are many GPS locator watches in the market. AmbyGear has all the functions to provide parents peace of mind and enable them to connect to their kids at anytime & anywhere. However, the GPS locator watch has many drawbacks:

  • It is not fun for kids to use them, there are no apps or games for kids.
  • Many devices are not certified for the US market.
  • Several competitors are very large and heavy.

AmbyGear_2Product Differentiation and Advantage

AmbyGear is designed as a true connected smartwatch for kids with:

  • Pokemon-Go and Tamagotchi themes.
  • Smart calendar and gamified reminders.
  • Reward management system.
  • Intelligent accurate locator that works indoors.
  • Over the air software upgrades.
  • Ability to install new applications.
  • Global built-in cellular connectivity – no need to buy a SIM card.
  • Text and emoji messaging so kids are always connected to parents

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The Brains behind AmbyGear

Founder and CEO Patrick Muggler, is an experienced business developer and product manager with more than 15 years of experience in the semiconductor/high-tech industry. His fortes are managing teams, strategic planning, marketing and engineering.

Co-founder and CTO Stéfano Gualtieri, is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer with expertise in embedded systems design and software engineering. Co-founder and COO Alexandre Bueno, is a management veteran with extensive experience in product development, sales, customer engagement etc.

The Journey Thus Far and the Challenges

The company was founded in 2013 with the goal of using BLE technology to locate devices and people. However, that market became saturated very quickly without the opportunity to differentiate.

In 2014, the founders pivoted to the kids market. By March 2015 the first working AmbyGear prototypes were tested with families. However, parents had a range of anxiety and wanted a more complex product.

By August 2015, AmbyGear had been redesigned with cellular capabilities and the ability to install applications. AmbyGear is now a few months away from mass production. The greatest challenge was raising enough capital to complete the development of AmbyGear.

The team was fascinated to see how kids use technology and remained open to the ideas and use cases they came up with. Many features have been incorporated into the product from actual user feedback and have tremendously bolstered AmbyGear.

AmbyGear will be launched in the US market in the next few months.  Following the release, a developer version of AmbyGear will be available, that will enable developers to create new applications for AmbyGear. The team is currently fundraising, to meet a target of $650,000 to complete the development and finance all launch activities.

The Highlights

  1. Stay connected with your kids 24/7.

AmbyGear uses reliable cellular 2G and 3G technology simultaneously to ensure you are always connected to your child

  1. Easily locate your child, anytime & anywhere.

Use the app to see where your kids are. Using a combination of the best location technology (GPS, GNSS, A-GPS and sensors)

  1. Create & manage out-of-bounds alerts.

Create virtual fences (we call it SafeZones) with notifications and alerts. Your child will be notified if he or she goes outside the fence.

  1. Make it easy for your kids to connect with you anytime, anywhere.

Send and receive messages to and from the AmbyGear smartwatch without being disruptive. Create custom messages for your child to use on the AmbyGear smartwatch.

  1. Manage your kids’ activities.

Organize and monitor your kids’ daily activities, reducing your stress

  1. Incentivize & reward good behavior.

AmbyGear uses behavioral science algorithms to incentivize your kids to complete daily tasks thus teaching responsibility and discipline

  1. Reinforce good habits.

Through gamification of daily activities your child will learn how to be organized and manage his or her own time

  1. Reduce parenting stress.

Give your kids independence while monitoring their progress thus reducing your stress!

You can check out their video here !



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