Smartphone Technology That Could Arrive in 2017

smartphone technology 2017

The market of smart phone has been changed a lot over time. If you will analyze the growth percentage and revolutionary changes of the market then you will see that the stage of the revolution has begun many years ago. Right now, it can be said undoubtedly that the smart phone revolution of the market has driven the technology to the next level. There are several changes that have made it possible for people to experience the miracle of technology in their smart phone. There are several features that were hard even to imagine a few years back, but they have become the reality of present mobile technology and people are enjoying it in their regular life.

Technology never ends. It’s continually changing, adjusting and advancing. Periodically, things that appeared to be unrealistic (or even inconceivable), everything can become possible and distinctly conceivable just in a time of couple short years.

Wearable PCs appeared like a fanciful and whimsical thought recently, yet now they’re essentially huge thing to go main stream. The development of the Oculus Rift could probably sling virtual and augmented reality into actual and literal reality.

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Here’s a rundown of few fascinating modern advancements and future mobile technologies that we’ll most presumably be finding sooner rather than later. While you won’t see these promptly accessible everywhere in all locations yet, however, at least we are now aware of the fact that in due time, they will become distinctly real products that we can see, touch and use.

  1. Electro-vibration Technology: Electro-vibration technology will change the portable touchscreen experience drastically. You will have the capacity to feel various types of texture. The internet shopping experience will go steps higher. Just imagine that you are looking for garments online without any stress of the texture, nature and quality of the material.
  1. Discourse to-Speech Translation: In 2012, Microsoft exhibited great speech-to-speech translation and now, constant multi-language phone calls can finally turn into a business reality in 2017. IBM additionally said that it will open its Watson super computing stage and platform to all third-party developers. This will permit regular language processing features to be incorporated with applications. Just imagine that you are talking about imperative matters over the globe with only a tap, in numerous different languages without the necessity of translator’s or moderator’s guidance.
  1. Brain-Computer Interface: Each thought that comes in our mind has its own particular brainwave design. Consequently, no two electrical signs are the same. These one of a kind electrical signs can be mapped out to complete specific commands. So it means that your cell phone with its brain-computer interface can identify the brainwaves transmitted with your thoughts and execute the set command.
  1. Remote, Speedy Charging Becomes a Reality: Running out of battery power is one of the most persistent and frequent complaints of the people who use smart phone. It is evident that we use our smart phones for all our general purposes simultaneously. The result of this is usually a drained battery. Most of the smart phone users experience that they are charging their device every day. However, there has been a popular buzz in the tech world for some time now that smart phone users will get the capability of charging their smart phones through day-to-day motions such as walking on the device or tapping the screen. Your body heat could also provide assistance in charging your phone.

Another transformation we are distinctly anticipating is the accessibility of the ultra-quick charger that accompanies a propelled battery technology that will permit you to charge your smart phone completely in only 30 seconds of time. Other than these, another cutting edge trend that will ideally go main stream in 2017 is when one device can be utilized to charge another without interfacing them through any wires.

  1. Flexible and Wearable Smart phones: Today speaks to another time in which wearability and flexibility are becoming catch-phrases in the cell phone market. Screens will soon have the capacity to be easily folded and then unfolded as per necessity. It will be done with the integration of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology. So you can watch your favorite movie and game on a vast screen and then you can fold it so that it fits in your pocket size so that you can put it away quickly and conveniently. This technology will likewise enable the predominance of paper-thin screens that can project from both screen sides. Users will get the capacity to show pictures, recordings or videos to their companion or friends on one side, while utilizing the opposite side as a control to maneuver recordings, video and pictures as per requirement.

Upcoming Smart phones in 2017 integrated with advanced technologies and features

  • OnePlus 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 (Edge)
  • Apple iPhone 8
  • Samsung Galaxy X (Foldable Phone)
  • Microsoft Surface Phone
  • Xiaomi Mi 6
  • Nokia C1
  • LG G flex 3
  • Le Max 2 Pro Extreme
  • Sony Xperia C6 Smartphone
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From wire to wireless: Wireless devices are definitely being highly preferred these days and this is also one of the most significant examples of technological advancement. If you will think about it then you will realize that wireless technology itself is just like a miracle because it allows us to completely get rid of the problems that used to occur due to wire interference. The journey of the mobile market from wire to wireless has been quite interesting. Technology is evolving at the highest rate in the mobile & tech sector which makes it possible that there can be many more improvements in the wireless sector in the future.

Better user experience with advanced apps: The user experience has been enhanced and improved to a higher level with the help of constant launches of highly assistive and advanced applications like –Google Allo, Siri And Speech To Speech Translation. It is also possible that these constant launches can be distracting for general users and this can disrupt the market but it is worth taking a risk, isn’t it?

As we know, the best and innovative technology comes with a price tag. The Indian smart phone market is primarily dominated by budget phones. It would a great challenge for smart phone manufacturers and app developers to make such technologies affordable for the masses.

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