The developers of Among Us aren't feeling Fortnite’s new ‘Impostors’ mode

The developers of Among Us aren’t feeling Fortnite’s new ‘Impostors’ mode

Fortnite’s new ‘Impostors’ mode
Credit @ Epic Games

Epic Games has released Fortnite’s new ‘Impostors’ mode and the Among Us team is surprised. Fortnite’s Impostors is the new game mode that allows players to complete lower tasks based on members of a team who try to sabotage their efforts by eliminating them one by one.

Among Us, Devs in the US have expressed frustration with Fortnite’s new ‘Impostors’ mode which they view as a stark copy of their own game. Epic Games announced a new impostor mode for Fortnite on August 17. Those who watched the game for the first time were encouraged to respond. Some of the members of Among Us development team took to Twitter and share how they feel about the new Fortnite mode and the similarities it shows with their title. US developers Victoria Tran and Adriel Wallick took to Twitter after the game announced a brand new but familiar game mode.

Innersloths Community Director Victoria Trans succinctly described what it feels like to wake up and find out that Epic Games has added a new mode to Fortnite. In her first tweet, Trans said it would be “cool” if there was a collab, clarifying that the idea of the Imposters joining the game was not a problem. Marcus Bromander, co-founder and Among Us designer, said Innersloth is trying to work with Epic Games and it sounds like they reached out to Epic about a possible Fortnite collaboration before Epic announced a new time-limited mode for Fortnite’s new ‘Impostors’ mode.

The lack of contact between Epic Games and Innersloth had such an impact on a developer among us that he tweeted how upset he was at the way impostors were rolling out. While we think an official Under Among Us collab would have been amazing, it’s just one of the many reasons we are disappointed with Epic Games for how they handled the creation and release of their mode of an impostor. The Imposter mode is a temporary mode available in Fortnite for a limited time.

The developers of Among Us aren't feeling Fortnite’s new ‘Impostors’ mode
Credit @ Epic Games

The official announcement describes Fortnite’s new ‘Impostors’ mode in a way very similar to the crewmates and the impostor dynamics in Among Us, which is no coincidence. The team has admitted that it does not own the game’s mechanics, but we have also said and expressed our disappointment that Epic Games did not attempt to make the mode of cheating unique.

Of course, Innersloth’s developers are not amused by Fortnite’s Impostors mode, and their protest helps raise awareness of larger studios that they can create content inspired by smaller studio games. Innsloths Neighborhood Director Victoria Tran provided a succinct description of how it feels to discover that Epic has added an Among Us-like mode to Fortnite. Tran, however, is not the only person in the studio willing to speak out publicly about the incident. It seems that the new Fortnites game mode is an unreal, hyper-flexible tool that clones what the Among Us has to offer. The Among US multiplayer game grew rapidly in popularity since the outbreak of the pandemic.