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Change the Way You Live Healthy with Anandakanda

Are you tired of remembering when to take which pills, when your next check-up is due, what tests are to be done the next week and what’s left for the next month? Do you wish you had some way to get reminders regarding your diet? Well, your prayers have been answered. Anandakanda is here with MIRS, the leading medication manager and pill reminder,  DIRS, the novel diet manager and reminder, and Electronic Medical Records Services, to put your mind at ease.


If you need to organize your medication or can’t remember to take your meds, MIRS (Medicine Intake Reminder System) is for you! If a wholesome and healthy diet is what you are looking for, say hello to DIRS (Diet Intake Reminder System)!

Anandakanda is a unit of Anushree Industries India Private Limited, based out of Pune and was started in January 2014. Anandakanda initiated its offerings through a series of intake reminders through SMS. The idea is to help an individual follow their diet plans and complete a medication course.

How the Magic Happens !

Anandakanda’s Medical Intake Reminder System (MIRS) and  Diet Intake Reminder System (DIRS) will change the way you restore your health by sending you daily medicine intake reminders via SMS or e-mail and schedule an appointment with a doctor at the ease of your desk. You can even opt to receive phone calls from us for elderly family member above 60 years.

Get Anandakanda now and rest easy

The Right Time to be in the Game

According to the latest statistics, more than 200 million Indians are overweight, 70 million plus are diabetic and around 150 million people are hypertensive. $2 billion is spent on fitness services today and the market is set to hit $5 billion in the next 5 years. The weight loss/slimming services market is estimated to be worth 60,000–70,000 Crore Rupees. Talk about timing!

Anandakanda provides a wide range of services, from timely reminders for medications and diet to seamless access to medical services for you and your family; from keeping track of your medical history to records of previous appointments, all done online!

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What keeps Anandakanda ahead of the pack?

Anandakanda has a track record that sets it apart from the competition. Within just two years of beginning operations, the company was able to generate a database of 10 lack individuals with 30 lakh prescriptions, giving actionable insights about the medical condition of each individual.

The competitive advantage is the speed with which the database is growing and the ease with which a service provider can reach out to even a low income group because of target based marketing.

Today, Anandakanda owns a large database, specific to the healthcare and wellness sector. This database allows the service providers from each sector to reach out to their target customers directly. The numbers may seem too low with regard to the population of India. But the highly specific and exhaustive data allows effective promotion and marketing of wellness and healthcare services and products and has seen considerable success.

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The Minds behind the Scenes

Mr. Vaibhav Anil Kulkarni founded the company in 2014. It was his brainchild to make each individual’s treatment complete by thoroughly following the medication or diet plans. He comes from the hospitality background with strong marketing and business development skills.

Mrs. Madhura Tejas Pande, who is one of the co-founder, is an engineer by education. At Anandakanda she takes care of the operations and is also involved as a business analyst. Her leadership qualities are commendable.

Ms. Geeta Satyanand Gajelli, who is also a co-founder, comes from a biomedical background. She is also an engineer by profession and has worked with different medical setups in the past. Being a marketing enthusiast she actively gets herself involved in implementing and executing different marketing strategies.

anandakanda_2The Learning Curve and the Challenges

The journey so far for Anandakanda has been full of learning and excitement. The team size is 23 and the company currently operates in Pune, Nagpur and Sri Lanka. The most critical challenge was to maintain the security of data and to restrict access to data from unauthorized sources. Anandakanda overcame this challenge by increasing the robustness of the system and proactively working on maintaining constant system security. The team is in the process of acquiring ISO: 27001 certification.

Another challenge the team faced was to reach out to the potential service users. Raising awareness among the lay man about the quality of the products and services was achieved through SMS, Email and retargeting through Facebook.

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What the Future Holds

The aim is to bring to  the best in digital healthcare technology, so that users get to make the most of their time healing or being healed.

A lot of developments are promised in the upcoming months. They are planning to expand to 10 new cities across India. Other prospects include increasing sales of DIRS through online sales, speeding up data leveraging activity, adding another service in Intake reminder series, increasing online presence of Anandakanda, venturing into B2C market. Anandakanda is presently looking to raise pre-series A funding.



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