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S10 Health Aims To Provide Health Seekers Access To Quality Medical Care In A Fast, Easy And Painless Manner !

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S10 Health is determined to play a substantial role in that growth of this healthcare sector by creating a massive, positive impact on how health, wellness products and services are accessed by and delivered to individuals, corporates and institutions.

The healthcare market is said to be around 100 billion USD. The specialty care market in India covered by 300,000 specialty clinics account for a compounded annual growth rate of 22.9 per cent during 2015-20 and is expected to grow to 280 billion dollars. But, lack of finances to scale is limiting the clinics to invest into technology, quality process and customer relationship management platforms that would enable them to provide high quality, convenient and personalized care. In this fragmented market an essential element is price stabilization for the health seeker.

S10 Health is a healthcare delivery platform. S10 Health’s vision has always been creating a niche in the healthcare segment to improve the lives of people by synchronizing the fragmented healthcare delivery process to solve the needs of the health seekers. S10 Health’s focus is to synchronize this supply with the new age health seeker’s demand. The process of providing convenient access, delivering quality care continuously is as important as the treatment itself. The ‘S’ stands for this scientific synchronization of the delivery process and ‘10’ stands for enabling them digitally. S10 Health is an endeavor to complement the doctor in providing patients this experience consistently.  S10 health started its operations on February 2015.

Synchronization Of Cloud Based Digital Technologies

S10 Health is founded by Mr. Sridharan Sivan, and co-founded by Dr. Afser Shariff, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of S10 Health.

Mr. Sridharan Sivan_Founder and CEO S10 Health

Mr. Sridharan Sivan, Founder and CEO, S10 Health

Prior to setting up S10 Health, Sridharan was the Co-founder and Managing Director of Take Solutions Ltd. Take Solutions was focused on products and solutions for the Life Sciences and Supply Chain Management industry. He is actively involved in industry bodies like CII, NASSCOM and ICTACT. He is the immediate past Chairman, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), and Chennai zone. Sridharan completed his Engineering in Electronics & Electricals from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore in 1989.

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Dr. Afser Shariff, assumed this role in 2013, 7 years after having founded and managed Physicians Angels Inc. as its CEO. At S10 Health, Dr. Shariff plays a key role in developing the company’s offerings in the healthcare solutions space, having been part of the medical profession in the United States for over a decade.

In Take Solutions, Sridharan had a deep understanding of supply chain and life sciences market working with global Fortune 500 corporations. The healthcare market globally was going through a major churn. The current healthcare system is not capable of handling as there are a lot of gaps and inefficiencies that exist in the market. They were confident that by applying the concept of supply chain, technology and new age best practices in the healthcare sector they would be able to fill the gap and increase efficiency.

“S10 Health’s domain strength is in working with an advanced and highly regulated US healthcare market. Working in the US market we have the best of technology, best practices and domain knowledge. We have brought this expertise to the Indian market.”

S10 Health’s delivery platform has three key IP’s;

  • S10 SafeCare – Quality process standards for specialty clinics
  • S10 Health office – Health seeker lifecycle management technology
  • S10 GROW – Delivery process for virtual clinical operations.

This helps them deliver a completely superior health seeker experience. This is their key differentiator in the market. The US has about 700,000 specialty clinics and India has about 300,000 specialty clinics. The issues are different in these two markets that they are present in. The challenges in the US are – inconvenience due to long waiting time for patients, with technology and CRM initiatives, S10 will cut down the waiting time and boost productivity for the clinics.  In India, the challenge is to improve the utilization for the clinics. With S10 SafeCare branding, clinics will attract high end patients to help them with better utilization.

“Today we see many start-ups entering the healthcare market with listing services for a payment. They provide paid directory services. The health seekers requirement is not about getting just the address of doctors; but they need to find the right doctor at the right time, at the right place and at the right price. S10 Health will provide complete experience for the health seekers.”

S10 Journey

Since their conception in February 2015, their journey has been absolutely healthy.  They are currently present in 21 states in the US and 2 states in India. They endeavor to focus on specialty clinics and plan to expand to as many cities as possible.

S10 Health

The global HQ is based out of Chennai and the US HQ is in Toledo. They currently have over 250 clinics and 1500 doctors globally. They are doubling the count every year. They are profitable and doubling their revenue every year. Their SafeCare network clinics have a customer satisfaction index of 93% and are improving every month.  They have a team of 300 people and would be adding an additional 200 people this year.

“The biggest challenge is in addressing the gap between the customer need and the available healthcare system.”

The health seekers are looking for a personalized healthcare experience as every individual’s need and goals are different. Health seeker has to access many doctors to meet their goals, they need to focus on periodic care and regularly monitor their current health status.

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The need of the hour is for healthcare as a continuum. The present healthcare system is transactional in nature and is not geared up to handle the health seekers personalized needs and goals.

“Our main learning has been that our healthcare system is geared up for sick care and not in keeping people healthy and high performance.”

This is a very serious gap as the disease profile has changed to 50% and above towards non communicable diseases like diabetes, cardiac and cancer. The way to treat them is through prevention as there is no cure for these diseases. They need a new age primary care clinic network that focuses on wellness and high performance of the health seekers.

S10 Health has taken the first step in this direction to fill this gap by providing healthy people to maintain good health to live a long comfortable life and enable them to perform to the fullest potential. They are in the process of creating a clinic based on sports medicine to fill this gap. This would be a lounge rather than a clinic as this would be focused on handling healthy people.

S10 Focus

They are planning to focus on their expansion plans and go pan India. Also, they would focus on the increasing their operational and managerial efficiency too. They are currently working on their Sports Lounge, a first of its kind, Scientific Integrated Sports Medicine and wellness Centre with holistic and integrated therapies. It is a one-stop destination for anyone who wants to get healthy in a scientific. They will be inaugurating it in the city soon.

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They also significantly contribute to promote unique sports like football, rowing, etc. to strongly spread a message of fitness while playing a sport. They have a Sports Medical Director in their team, who solely focuses on sports medicine and pain management for upcoming sportsmen and sports enthusiasts.

They have been self-funded as they have invested 2 million USD. They are growing at more than 100% year on year.  They are entering a phase of non-linear scalability phase from now on. They have partnered with physicians in the US, India and Middle East to provide health seekers access to quality medical care in a fast, easy and painless manner.



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