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AnD Ventures Launches with $50M Seed Fund

AnD Ventures, an Israel-based company-builder based venture capital fund is all set to launch its first seed fund amounting to a whopping $50 million. Artificial intelligence, database, B2B software enterprises are the firm’s major points of focus.

AnD Ventures

The company was founded last year by Lee Moser, Roy Geva Glasberg and Kfir Kachlon, all of them with stellar professional experience record. Moser holds the experience of being a partner at iAngles, in addition to adorning the position of chief of staff of Israeli ambassador in Washington. Glasberg was the founder and general manager of ‘Google for Startup Accelerator,’ Google’s global startup programs. She was also the director of startup ecosystem at Liveperson, in addition to being startup and integrations head at Microsoft. Kfir Kachlon has the experience of leading major investments in deep tech startups, while he was senior member at OurCrowd investment. The experience and knowledge wealth of the founders will play a monumental role in blending together the resources and achieving the high goals set for the firm.

With the $50 million raised, the company has covered about 80% of its initial seed fund.

The firm holds high expectations. With a target check size ranging from $1 to $1.5 million, AnD expects to invest in about 15 to 17 companies in the course of next three years. The remaining amount will be utilized for the follow-on rounds. In three years time, the founders envision a growth trajectory with a lot of opportunities and possibilities to grow and prosper.

The firm is planning to improve the deal flow by creating partnerships with IDC Herzliya’s IDCX Accelerator and the European Institute of Innovation & Technology’s Calling2Scale Bootcamp. These partnerships will supposedly sharpen the firm’s eye for best companies. The company also has in mind partnerships with large enterprises which will give the required traction for the firm’s investments. These relationships will also pave way for the company to make its presence known overseas particularly Tokyo and New York.

Although majority of the company’s investments will be focused in Israel, it expects the portfolio companies to enter the US markets at the earliest. As per the future plans, it is envisioned that the portfolio company will be able to enhance its sales after the seed investment.

The founders made it clear that they are open to exploring new and innovative domains and that they would like to extend their focus to emerging trends like cannabis and foodtech, examples of markets that have experienced a growth explosion in the last few years.

In the words of Glasberg,

“You have to be open to what you don’t know; don’t just be limited to what you know.”




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